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  1. abranch

    TRA application

    Thanks for that. With regards to TRA application what documents did you get certified. Do you have to get just passport certified or is it all documentation ie references, accounts letter, suppliers references etc. Just alittle confused on that front. Thanks
  2. abranch

    TRA application

    With reference competing TRA form. My husband is going on skilled route E as he has had to get a AQF111 in Solid plastering and has the required years experience. My husband is self employed so will be providing, staturory declaration, references from clients, suppliers, reference from his brother for when he trained etc, was going to send up 6 years tax returns, advertising receipts, other receipts, letter head. With regards to the required full time hours he works he normally works 5 days a week 8 hours a day as he is self employed does he do a statutory declaration to state hours he works . If anyone has sent up one recently ie being self employed an included any other info please could you let me know. Many thanks
  3. abranch

    New Points Test - Details Released 11 November

    I have worked out my husbands pints on the new pints system and he only get's 35 Age 40-44 15 English language comp 0 I cant see my husband passing the extra test as he is dyslexic over seas exp 15 qualifications 0 husband in the process of doing AQF111 for plastering but in the Uk so doesnot count State sponorship 5 total 35 In the old points system he can achieve 110 with state sponsor. Hopefully we can get things through before the 1st July as otherwize it looks like we will not be going. I think it will hit alot of people after July if you are a tradeperson as most trades dont have a phd and will be short of points etc. I thought Australia was in need of trades I think it is alittle unfair with this points system.:arghh:
  4. abranch

    AQFIII certificate help

    Hi all my hubbie was thinking of having his skills assessed for solid plastering through trade train but we are now thinking of going to Oz to have a look and get his skills assessed at the same time. If anyone had their skills assessed for the AQF111 in Oz could they let me know the cost and what is involved etc there. We was planning to go to Perth for 1 week for a look and then go over to Brisbaine for a look if there is a college at either at Perth or Brisbaine which do the assessments. Many thanks
  5. abranch

    Aqf111 assessment cancelled in UK

    Hi my husband was looking into doing his AQF111 qualification for solid plasterer and we have got a few quotes etc. One was through a uk company which done the video link and another through trade train which comes out to assess my husbands work they are more expensive but my hubbie preferred that then the video link. Hopefully this company will still be doing Uk assessments other wize ti looks like we will have to go to Oz for my husband to be assessed usiong a Australian assessment company.
  6. Thats great thanks Hoping WA release theirs soon and that his occupation is on the list
  7. Hi Hubbies on interim list for Solid Plasterer for SA. Did not realize that he would have to take the ielts test as you never use to have to sit this for trades. Which is a real blow as my hubbie is dyslexic so I dont think he will pass test. Do you think all states will make trades sit ielts test? If this is the case it looks like we will not be going
  8. abranch

    What options for daughter if we move to Oz

    Thank you for your replys. Does anyone know with reference the last remaining visa option how long you would to be in Oz on a permanent visa before you would be able to sponsor on this route. Thanks
  9. We are still contemplating in moving to Oz and firstly we are going to wait to find out about what is happening in July with the State sponsorship as we will have to go for this and hopefully my husband's trade solid plastering is on one of the states. The only worry I have is our eldest daughter now 18 is currently training to be a hairdresser and is doing a apprenticeship in London and gets paid a small salary. She wants to come with us if we go as we want to go as a whole family. I am not too sure if she could be included on our visa as she would not be able to cope financially on her on in the Uk or could we if we was given 176 state sponsored visa sponsor her straight away for the last remaining relative visa 115 as she has would have no other remaining brothers or sisters in the Uk or is there a waiting period before you can sponsor on this visa. She could come out on a working holiday visa but not too sure how that really works with reference what she can do for work etc. Any advice would be much appreciated and hopefully good news on the state sponsorship list in July!!
  10. Hi, If any Odp's in Oz can help with the information I require. We are in the process of trying to emigrate to Oz hopefully Brisbaine under my husband's trade plastering. I am presently at Uni doing the ODP course and hope to qualify in July 2011. I will be looking to do this work over in Oz and I know it will be on the anesthetic side which I really enjoy. Does anyone know if I will need post graduate experience or if a hospital would take me on as an Australian graduate ship programme like they do for nurses. Is it best nearer the time to email hospitals around Brisbane. We hope to get to Oz the end of 2011. Many thanks
  11. abranch

    Wall and Floor tiler Tra help please

    Thank you for your reply's and The guide for the TRA. We live in the Uk and was not too sure on the Stat dec for TRA but the guide has been really useful. We are using a company in the Uk for the AQF111 and just in the process of doing that now
  12. Hi, My husband is in the process of having his skills assessed so he gets the AQF111 in Wall and Floor tiling and has been working for himself for 15 years, so he can apply for the TRA through route E. If anyone one who has recently done this for this trade recently give us any assistance ie examples of references and what to put in for the training period ie informal apprenticeship and how much detail they want etc. We have his Accountant's letter to send up, Tax return forms (Sc60's)etc as my husband has kept 6 years in total, suppliers references he has 3 he can send up, he can show his public liability schedule etc. Material receipts advertising receipts, Pictures of his work. We are hoping to try to submit with out an agent to save on money etc so. . Does he also have to do a Stat Declaration on what he does etc? Is there any thing else he needs to send up. Any help would be much appreciated. We hope to go to the Gold Coast in under 2 years. Is there any tilers now in Brisbane/Gold coast and how is things. Hopefully we will get there as cant wait to go as a family . Thanks