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    Warning credit crunch is here!!

    my husband and i have now ourselves put oz on hold. husband got his job as someone was retiring, but now because his retirement fund is low he cant afford to retire hence husband has no job. we both need to work as unfortunately we dont have a mortgage of 178 per month otherwise we would be laughing all the way. Hence, we both need to work because if we dont get tenants to rent our house we need 2 incomes to pay the mortgage here in the uk and rent in oz. we have both secure jobs here in the uk and can afford to pay our way here, if we go to oz we can lose what we have built up here. One of my friends who is also emigrating lives in rented council accommodation both her and her husband have secure jobs and there still going, they have nothing to lose and more to gain, we dont. We were going to go on the 457 visa but have now decided go on the 176 visa and hopefully by the time the process finishes things might be starting to improve and we can go.
  2. mrscat

    Nurses !! - interveiw advice pls

    I've had a couple of interviews and both times it was more like an informal chat. we talked about the weather, my family and the hospital that i would be working, the shift pattterns the work environment nurse patient ration ect they asked no questions of me whatsoever. got the jobs best ever interviews ever (however i am wondering now whether they would accept beverly allit as they are so short)
  3. Cant give you a definate reply but australia has two types of nurses, the registered nurse which is a 3-4 year university course and an enrolled nurse course which is a two year course and done at a TAFE college. I would assume you would have to have the relevent qualifications to apply to do your nurse training and would also have to pay to do your course at an Australian University, apply and go through the process as you would in the UK, but obviously you would have to pay all the tuition fees, pay for your own living costs ect. I wouldn't of thought that the australian government would pay for you to do your training, ( dont know if they even help their own citizens). Those of us who have got kids depending on where we are have to pay the aus gov for our kids to attend primary and secondary schools, so i dont really think you have any hope. Maybe someone else knows, have you tried contacting a university in Australia to ask? Why dont you apply to do your nurse training in the uk, and once qualified go to australia. Dont think it is impossible to do your training in australia but i would assume it would cost you alot of money.
  4. mrscat

    living away allowance

    does anybody know if both of you can ask for this from your employer or is it just the person who is the main applicant on the 457 who can apply?:unsure: many thanks
  5. mrscat

    rockhampton - your views

    in the words of the late alan freeman 'not arf' thanks, it a really good link, looking like it's going to be yeppoon even if its just for the sea breeze thanks again
  6. mrscat

    rockhampton - your views

    going out on a 457 visa, so looking at it as a big adventure. once were in oz, we are going to look around and see what floats our boat, had thought about living in yeppon and commuting to rockhampton but will wait and see, have lived in some god forsaken places anyway and thats just in the uk!:biglaugh:
  7. mrscat

    rockhampton - your views

    husband has got a job as a bio-medical engineer with qld health, although has been a sleep technologist for past couple of years, i'm a nurse and have been offered a job at mercy aged care in rockhampton. were from liverpool,so are aware of the size of rockhampton husband is ex raf so use to moving about and being in the back of beyond. not too bothered about it not being a bustling city with lots of choices (from what i have gathered from previous posts not much choice anyway). all i'm looking really for is somewhere we can afford to live comfortably, the kids to have a good education and it to be somewhere we can bring the kids up safely anything else is a bonus.
  8. mrscat

    Calling nurses and midwives!!!

    been offered a job at the st andrews in brisbane which offered $3000 expenses and 2 weeks accommodation on arrival, thats on a 457 visa. better than nothing:biglaugh:
  9. mrscat

    schools in rockhampton

    can anybody reccomend any schools in rockhampton or surrounding areas whether they be private or state single or mixed. have 2 children a 4 yr old girl and a 14 yr old boy who is sports mad. thanks :unsurexmas:
  10. sorry to hijack this question, but can johatts please give me some advice. I have been offered a job in rockhampton with mercy aged care, luckily my husband is being sponsered, but wondered what aged care is like in australia. the last time i did care of the elderly ward was back in 92. mainly done surgical training, and practice nursing since, so wondered what your experiences are. they seemed really nice on the phone when i talked to them ect, so am quite looking forward to it, but your experience would be appreciated. thanks
  11. I have been offered a job in rockhampton at the mercy health and aged care. I have mainly done surgical nursing and my most recent was practice nursing, so a little bit out of practice. Have not actually done a care of the elderly ward since my training days many moons ago. does anyone know of mercy and what they are like as an employer. Have been on there website and it does look good their philsophy seems good, but what the website says and what they are actually like are two different things. So if anyone has any idea would be appreciated. Also What do i need to be aware of with regard to the nursing the elderly in oz, what are there likes and dislikes with regard to the nursing process and the nurses they employ. so many questions. if anybody can answer any or can think of anything that i may need to know would be most grateful. :eekxmas: thanks again mrs cat
  12. mrscat

    rockhampton - your views

    Hi? Was hoping to relocate to either brisbane or somewhere along the gold coast, as wanting to be not far from the sea. hubby however has just been offered a job in rockhampton. been on the web to have a look of it, seem nice, we have 2 kids 14 and 4. Wanting to know anyone been there? and what there views are of the place. thanks all:confused:
  13. hi, live in halewood by the rspca if anyone knows it, hoping to move to queensland next year, have just started the process. I'm a nurse, currently working at fazakerley hospital, hubby's a sleep technologist he also works there. Have sent off for my nursing registration so once thats sorted everything should move quickly hopefully. Still undecided about where to live, have a few places in mind, like rockhampton, townsville, brisbane or somewhere on the goldcoast. we have 2 kids one 14 the other 4. Just trying to absorb as much information as possible so having a gab with other people would be great. :hug:
  14. mrscat

    location location location

    go to the britzinoz website and the info is there about what there looking for and direct you to the application form ect
  15. anybody applying for location location location with phil spencer down under? unfortuneately were not in a postion to buy but looks interesting for those who are wanting to buy