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  1. Hello! How are you finding it all over there? I've just moved back to England, such a big shock after seven years! I know heaps of people out there now doing nursing & absolutely love it! All the best:)
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  3. Hey there, I'm kara, 19, Brisbane, From north- west UK & Female. Been over here for almost 7 years, the years have flowwwwwwn by, I study at TAFE, doing childrens services, i also work in childcare and i have a cute job at smiggle (stationary) I'm not sure what sort of talent this threat or site brings, but I'm up for meeting up with new people from the UK, i always find somebody i can relate to starts off a good convo? I love nightlife, especially big on the clubs and having a good night out dancing, anything to do with dancing and loud music IM THERE. Hit me up a message if you fancy a catch up or have any questions even about living in australia. xo
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    gold coast

    Hay guys, I'm kara, I'm 18 and live in North Brisbane, so a bit away from the goldy im afraid, I've lived here for 5 years, so any questions or anything i can help with im here if you wanna chat just give me a PM or add me on fb :Kara Hornby Good luck with everything! xoxo
  5. OMG zumba is awesome! Just sayin.. Oh hay im kara 18, been here for 5 years, if any of you guys are keen to chat pm me
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    18. female. bris :)

    I sure do add: Kara Hornby Nice to hear from you!
  7. booey

    18. female. bris :)

    Hay Im kara, 18, female, north brisbane. Been living here for 5 years, and i did all my high school here, im at TAFE atm.. If your interested in chatting, i love meeting up with new people... just pm me or reply to this thread xo
  8. Iya, I'm kara, 17 and already live in Bris I have msn, and fb if you wanted to contact me .. x
  9. booey

    Location: Brisbane, Age: 17

    P.s. How are you feeling about the move? Good luck!
  10. booey

    Location: Brisbane, Age: 17

    Hey Ciara! Sorry about the late reply, personally i love the flight! It's awesome! You can watch movies, have a nap, eat, and before you know it you have landed. We stopped over at Singapoor, where bouts are you haveing a stop over? In live South-East of Brisbane, in the CBD, Personally liking it over here is personal opinion. . . Iv'e been over here for 4 years now, so I've settled, and it's home to me! It's very similar to the Uk, it's not like a weird foreign country, they speak the same, think the same, eat the same, do the same things. Very alike the Uk, the only difference, it's warmer, and the landscapes are stunning. . . Just picture the Uk, hot, and youv basically got Brisbane really.. I love it Sure we can be friends You might catch me on facebook, msn, or hotmail more easily: karahornby@hotmail.co.uk Speak soon xxxx
  11. Hey =] Im Kara, 17, i live in brisbane, im from the North west of England, from a town called Southport, its inbetween Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool. If you fancy a chat, give send me a message or reply, i have Myspace, Facebook & Msn. Cya
  12. Hiiii =D Im Kara, Im 16, i come from the north west of england, i live in brisbane, i have lived out here for 3 years, and i am looking for some british friends! I have met one britsih person in my area that is around my age! I am fun, outgoing, loud & bonkers! I would love to hang out with an english person it would be maaad =D Im also here is anybody has any questions about brisbane =D Byeeee xxx:wubclub:
  13. Heyyy ! Im Kara, Im 15 and i live in Brisbane I have been over here almost 3 years (eek! where does time go?) regarding your question about schools, Schools are not quite like Uk. 1. you have to wear a formal skirt (which comes past down you knees !!) (once a week) 2. you have to wear lace, black formal shoes (once a week) 3. every other day you wear a sports uniform to school (so you dont need to change into it at school to do p.e) 4. if you choose to go to a private school (p.s i dont) you have a wear a dress (which almost goes down to your ancles) a huge rucksack (no joke !) and these big black lace up things on your feet (how attractive to get a guys attention!) 5. people will love your accent but will call you pommie a lot (p.s dont take it personal) 6. people are very out there over here in other words there not affraid to show emotions (you will get a lot of hugs in a day) 7. you have to pay ters every year (pay for your books about $100, which is about 40 pound. thats pritty much it reli, Brisbane has a lot to offer and the city is spectacular ! Clean, Modern and awsum (it even has a man made beach accross the river viewing all the high rise building and shops) so where abouts are looking at moveing too ? Kara x-x-x
  14. heyy.. glad you have found some new friends, and have setled back down with your old friends too ! I have been down to New South Wales, and we even went in the car ! (p.s long drive !) I went to the beach, shopping and had loads of fun =) So do you like Bribie then.. I have been there a couple of times with me family, my fave beaches must be on the gold coast and sunshine coast =) nice blue sea im not soo much the sporty type although i like Footy, swimming, netabll and Tenis (i think thats about it lol) so are you into theme parks (p.s i love Dreamworld, i went on all the rides) and Wet 'n' wild is a blast ! i love me frills lol. cya xx
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    moving soon need mates

    where abouts are u mooving too ?? I live in Brisbane