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  1. Seems thete are 2 options. Dubai artiving beginning of may when it hits 38 degrees in Dubai with a 15 hour layover and artiving 11am...midday! Or Thailand where it's four hours but no getting out of crates but staying on the plane. The latter involves a check through the bars of crate. The former involves stress of staying crated x no real check. Dubai sounds safer as long as the aircon bus arrives spot on time x no hanging around in hot plastic crate on tarmac. That's my fear about the Dubai route.
  2. Thanks. They 're used to crates x sleep in them with doors open though. I get different stories about flights from DT. This makes me nervous.
  3. Haha Thankyou lobster monster.
  4. Hi belter Did you fly to the uk from oz? We're you happy with the dog company x who were they? Which route did your dog fly x which layovers ? Lee
  5. Hi Amber You say you were not impressed with dogtainers. What were your reasons. I know dogs don't get worried ...yet...but flying will be terrifying with all that noise x movement x stuck in a confined space. I d never leave them here. O just would not go. Lee
  6. Using Hi everyone I'm getting nearer to moving back to the uk. But im so terrified for my poor dogs. No one can say they ll be less worried than me. One of my dogs is scared of the lawn mower sounds. The other is hyperactive. I'm using dogtainers x getting massive crates but I also feel like i m having to find out and chase them for info. Any reassurances, advise, experience appreciated. Lee69
  7. Lee69

    Ten years in OZ and thinking of returning

    And before some smartarse replies that one should be happy x find utopia within myself, yes! I am fully aware of that little conundrom x that is why seeking the opinion of those who felt miserable in the uk x left for farer lands x then still felt miserable x then returned to good ole blighty is important. Yes we r all individuals but it can be confusing when alone x deciding on such a matter as i for example x im sure many others may well wonder if its all in ones mind or whether ones feelings r based on reality ie was england really better or not?!? Plus then as one ripens with age values change x lazing around in the sun or pacing constantly up x down a georgeous beach may not be so ideal. Its a shocking concept for those pommes waiting to emmigrate or dreaming of it i know ie " what?!? Sick of sunny days, constant tans x the beach?" Yes i know x again thats why the decision is a killer.
  8. Lee69

    Ten years in OZ and thinking of returning

    Thanks everyone for responding.. Yes working holiday and/ or visit are good ideas. The only reason i havn t rushed into it is because i would have to fly my dogs there x then find us all accomodation ie house pet friendly ( hard enough here) x if it didnt work then fly my poor dogs back! They are my kids so not leaving them here. Last time i was in england it felt weird like i was a stranger in my own home country yet when i returned to oz, it felt empty of people x that was in the gold coast! I will go for a holiday x check it out. Im not sure what the person meant by history x culture being " just emotional memories" . Certainly i have a desire x appreciation of thosf things but obviously i am aware that once surrounded by them continually then one can become blaze in time, abit like a pom in oz. refusing to lie by the pool or sea x work ona tan as its too hot for effs sake! But then im thinking that england is a dynamic ever changing place whereas in oz for some reason everything seems stagnant despite its beautiful beaches. Looking for utopia i guess, sigh!
  9. Hi I have been here ten years. I have traveled around, bought a house (bank owning most of) and live in a beautiful area where it is always sunny and the beaches are near. However, I have been contemplating returning to the UK for a few years. This is not something I expected. I couldn't wait to leave the UK as there are so many cons, although that is mainly the weather and lack of space. Now i miss the history, culture, the seasons, the pubs, the vibe, the countryside (with no dangers for my dogs), the variety of interests, the compactness of the country and travel and the variety of scenery, the TV.(..but...I don't miss the cold of course), the proximity to europe etc. Australia is a wonderful place but to me there is something lacking. I thought it might be because i am single with no real family here. Yet there are many on this site who have families and still miss the UK. What to do? Is there anyone on this site who has returned to the UK after giving OZ a good go and can tell me why they do not regret moving back to UK? Lee69
  10. Lee69

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi Yorkshire pomme. How are you liking Perth? I have been in queensland for 5 years but now want to move to Perth. I love sun and beaches and queensland, but i would like to know what the people are like in perth?
  11. Lee69

    Am I being unrealistic??

    Hi Moonraker61. Tell me....why did you leave oz after 30 years? This is my first log on one of these sites so dont if i will get your reply as will have to search for the thread etc (im totally confused with this thing). I have lived in oz for 5 years. I dont intend on returning to the UK, but there are certain things i miss. A more varied bunch of people, with abit of depth and character for example and a decent sense of humour. People seem to vary from place to place and i have been told that the more north you go, the more redneck it gets. Then again, north has the sun, as does mid queensland. Im thinking of moving to perth. Have you been there (or anyone who might be on this thread) and if so, are the people different from, say, queensland? No offence intend to ozzies here by the way as obviousely people differ in tastes etc and ozzies differ in areas.