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    Hi Lynnes,thanks for the advise. Graham
  2. hillyman

    which suburb

    Hi Fish.01, thanks for the reply going to take a look at Tarragindi (hell of a mouthful) again thanks. Maryx
  3. hillyman

    leaving 19yr old daughter

    Hi paulacox, i feel for you and your right it was your daughters choice as it's my daughters choice you have an extra pull but you do need to keep in mind why your there, i wish i had you resolve and courage good luck to you and your family.
  4. hillyman

    leaving 19yr old daughter

    Hi guy's, you guy's have the courage and the wanting more than me, i simply cannot leave her and she hasn't said give it a go she just say's things like do you not think your a little old to emigrate (45) and your going somewhere you've only visited you don't know what it's like, the word selfish has been used once or twice in conversation but all we get back is you had me now your abandoning me, iv'e been worn down so i think this maybe my last post thanks to all your replies over the last 18mths and good luck to you all. Paulaxx
  5. hillyman

    leaving 19yr old daughter

    Hi all, thought all a long that my daughter would come with us but she say's she's not why can't i leave why am i tugged between my husband my youngest daughter (13) and my 19yr old wish i hadn't started the whole process, sorry for the rant. Paulaxx
  6. hillyman

    validation time

    Thanks for info guy's, you,ve calmed me down a bit. glad to here your still enjoying life in Brisbane hope to be joining you soon. Paulaxx
  7. hillyman

    validation time

    thanks again, i'm going to work for maters have you heard anything about the hospital, could you tell me whats life like in brisbane is it better than the northwest of england
  8. hillyman

    validation time

    Hi oz2512, and thank you very much for your reply, i'm also a nurse going to brisbane,my sponsor says i could take until december this year to start work so does this mean that once visa is granted i have until this time to validate. many thanks. Paulaxx
  9. hillyman

    validation time

    seriously no one knows the answer to this
  10. hillyman

    validation time

    Hi all,can anyone confirm for me how long i have to validate my 457 visa once i recieve it, iv'e read on here that it is 4 weeks surely this can't be right i need to serve a 8 weeks notice but i don't want to hand my notice in until i get my visa which should be anytime know. Thanks. Paulaxx
  11. hillyman

    can it be done

    Hi all, i too am going to brisbane on a 457 visa,me my OH and two kids, 65-70.000 will be my wage so here's hoping lifes not to difficult on this wage, can anyone tell me how long i'll have to validate my visa once granted. thanks Paulaxx
  12. hillyman

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi Guy's, can anyone tell me what the processing time frame is on a 457 visa. Thanks. Paulax
  13. hillyman

    is there a delay

    Hi PIO,heard that there's a delay in visa processing due to the Xmas holidays anyone else heard anything. Paulax
  14. hillyman

    Any Teens Moving To Australia ?? x

    Hi Lisa, thanks for reply and the info, hope things go well at school for Dan, you'll have to keep us informed. again thanks Paula+Leahx
  15. hillyman

    case worker ahhhh

    Hi Violet s, when we got in touch via email an automated response came back so i called them and they informed me she was part time. Paulax