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    Playing Soccer in OZ

    We are training at Central Park Malvern, Tuesdays and Thursdays, why not come along to training this week we can have a chat and even look to get you involved this weekend.
  2. If you’re interested in playing Soccer/Football for the approaching 2014 season Old Melburnians Soccer Club (OMSC), arw Melbourne’s fastest growing clubs, is looking for players of all standards to join our growing squad for the 2014 season. OMSC is based at Central Park Malvern, we currently field 5 teams: 2 Saturday teams (Senior & Reserve) who play in State League. We also have three Sunday teams comprising players of all ages & skill level. Due to the poplular nature of this club a 6th team is likey to be added to the 2014 playing season. Our Saturday Seniors were placed 2nd in 2013 & are seriously looking for promotion in 2014. Amongst the playing group, ages range from teenagers to veterans in their 40s. The club has players from all backgrounds, of all nationalities, & residing in councils from Boroondara, Monash, Manningham, Bayside, Glen Eira, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Yarra & many other areas. Everyone is welcome at OMSC regardless of your playing standard or fitness. Pre-season training starts mid-Jan 2014
  3. Sounds familiar, Darren what software are you in, i do oracle, c# etc, and i too applied for thousands of jobs, that i too though nail that...., i did get a few offers after a bit though....
  4. *Bump* check out the website for all the pre-season training dates starting with a social get together on the 17th of Jan
  5. Outdoor 11-a-side football (soccer) team require new players for next season. We have two mens teams playing every Saturday (1st team and reserves) and two thirds mens teams every Sunday. Home games are played in Cheltenham although we have players commuting from the city/st kilda if you live that way and need lifts... On top of this we have several junior sides covering a ranges of ages and are looking at potentially setting up a ladies term for next season. If you are not aware of how the leagues operate, the season runs roughly from early April until September and we start pre-season in January. We currently plan to have social drinks on Sunday 17th January for a meet & greet for old & new players with the first pre-season training being on Tuesday 19th January. The mens teams train once or twice a week on Tuesday and/or Thursday although not an issue if you can't make all the training. It will depend on which team you are looking to play for... Our seniors and reserves have been promoted and due to a few retirements they are on the look out for some good new acquisitions. Our thirds teams which is more social and informal (but serious) have also lost a few players for next season as some of our players have moved back overseas to Ireland/England. We will therefore be looking to recruit new players, preferably with some decent experience. All nationalities welcome. If you are interested at all, please drop me an e-mail and give me some brief details and I can fill you in further. Thanks Gareth gareth_pollard@hotmail.com Bayside Argonauts Football Club
  6. Dunkos

    Post Gone Missing

    Thanks Kev, Do you know how i proceed with a claim?
  7. Dunkos

    Post Gone Missing

    Hi Guys, I recently had some stuff sent over from the UK, and it never arrived with me, after tracking down the parcel id etc, Australia Post claimed to have delivered it, when i went into my local post office, they said the parcel was signed for by a T.Yang? Does anyone have any advice on where i stand with this? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Guys, hope everyones doin ok, does anyone know if the Sports Bar in the Crown Casino has Setanta Sports? In saying that is anyone watching the game this Friday? Dunkos
  9. Hi Folks, Just an update on our status since arriving in OZ, we have been here near three weeks now and loving every min of it, We arrived and were greeted by the lovely Kate(Moving to Melbourne), who i must add as other have said on this form gave a first class service in terms of the airport pick up, the lovely house, all the knowledge and tips she has on hand for you Thanks Kate.. Once we had settled we got right to work!!, sorting out our medicare , vic roads licence etc (which is all explained with the info packs in the house), that sorted we set off to look for a house which we also sorted out fairly quickly (now living in a beach front apartment in st kilda). In terms of Jobs Angela has already stared a job (Dental Nurse), i got offered a job but turned it down, but im hopeful to get another job offer next week (near my wife so travel will be easy). We have found the shops great, the life great, pubs great The only thing Angela doesnt like are angry tram drivers, but thats another story (lol) hope all you are here or about to arrive have as much fun as us!!! Dunc & Ang
  10. Dunkos

    When to start applying

    Hi Cane Family,, sorry I am heading for melbourne, i am a computer programmer which over 8 years experience in VB, VB.NET, PL_SQL. Oracle hope this helps
  11. Hi Guys, Hope everyones doin OK.. well ive not got long left now, i have 5 days left to work in the UK (yes!), the i fly out in march this post is to get some knowledge of the job hunt in OZ , when did everyone start applying? who with? did people find agencies good or trawel thro online newspapers etc? ive approached a couple of agencies so far but never really had much feedback? Dunkos
  12. Dunkos

    house for sale west lothian

    good luck mate we just sold ours in Broxburn so there is people buying although it was a bit under the original valuation
  13. Dunkos

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    hi guys, we just sold our house for 182,500 which gave us a clean break as there was no chain we accepted it this was 40K under the original valuation.. its realy down to how much we want to go i suppose
  14. Dunkos

    9 weeks to melbourne

    Hi Folks, not posed for a bit so i hope everyone had a happy christmas and all that Jazz.. 9 weeks until im there!!!! i handed in my notice yesterday which came to some suprise my house sale completes next friday.... ive basicaly sold all my furniture.(yip im turning up in oz with a bag!!) were going to melbourne to stay with the fab Kate... no job yet but i will keep everyone posted from here in on our adventure good luck to everyone in the same position Dunkos
  15. Dunkos

    Soccer Teams in Melbourne

    Hi Guys, im coming over to Melbourne in March (staying with Kate for a month).. over hear i play for my local club an would be looking to join a outfit over in melbourne?, anyone know any contacts within the clubs? Cheers Duncan