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    Reference for rental property

    For a long term rental you should put together a pack with everything you can think of, bank statements, references from bank showing good mortgage payments, personal reference and previous rental references - if you are in short term accommodation when you first arrive, ask the owner for a reference. If you have a dog then get a reference for them too from neighbours. I've heard some people include pictures of their home in the UK showing good standard of upkeep etc, or a copy of the estate agent details if you are selling your UK house. Proof of earnings/job offer etc. Basically try to make it as easy as you can for them to choose you over any other possible renters. Oh and if you have kids make sure they don't run riot :chatterbox: Good luck Tracey
  2. basicweb

    CPA assessment of ACCA

    I came over on a skilled PR visa as an Accountant and was in the same situation, didn't want to tell the boss until the visa was granted etc. I was a little sneaky and managed to get the references and work details required. I typed up what I needed, then took it to him, asked if he agreed with everything I had included and told him he needed to sign it for my CPD for CIMA - he read it agreed and signed it :wideeyed: Good luck Tracey
  3. Hi Jen Great post!!! I was just going to post the same thing as I saw this article today also, people need to be careful to rent through a reputable company or agency, it seems that Gumtree is a favourite for these scammers. A colleague of mine got a call on Xmas Eve from a distraught family that turned up to their new rental only to find the owners still there and not prepared to move out, we really should try to collate a list of these dodgy scammers if we can. Tracey
  4. Sorry you must have misunderstood me, you won't get a hotel for $35 per night :confused:
  5. basicweb

    Dilemma - Perth or Adelaide

    PERTH!!!!Love it here - seriously though if you are wondering between the two I would advise you to visit them both and make your own mind up - different people want different things out of the relocation and have different expectations. Tracey
  6. January is peak season, and the areas you are looking at do command a high rent, for a 3 week stay you will be looking at around $1000 pw I'm afraid. But when you look at what it would cost for a hotel this option is a lot better as it only comes out to around $35pp per night. Good luck Tracey
  7. Hi Suzanne I personally think you are going to be struggling The rental market is really tight here at the moment, with a lot of competition for unfurnished longer term properties, we always recommend that people coming here consider taking a furnished rental for up to 3 months, to give you enough time to get a feel of the suburbs you like and to secure a longer term rental in this competitive market. Yes it can be done in 4 weeks, but with Xmas in there when not a lot happens, I wouldn't like to chance it. Can you extend your stay at the Freo proeprty? If not let me know as we have a couple of properties that may suit for a further couple of weeks. When applying for rentals Include everything that you can, with the aim of making it easy for the RE agent to choose you over others Good luck Tracey
  8. basicweb

    Short term accomodation nightmare

    Thanks for correcting this, I'm intrigued as to the dodgy site it redirected to :biggrin: Regards Tracey
  9. basicweb

    Moing to Perth

    you're so right Jen, we get the 'I'm coming to Perth next week' emails and are so sorry that we can,t help them. get your flight s around the dates properties are available, and you will have a a great start down under :-)
  10. Great advice above, seems people's views on pets vary from state to state. We (in WA) find there is not too much trouble finding places with a dog, but a lot of owners say no cats, and are very strict about this! You should be able to get drivers licence and mobile contract if you have an address, even if this is just a short term furnished let, as you will have a fixed term tenancy agreement issued for this. Tracey
  11. basicweb

    Moing to Perth

    Hi Bluebelle when are you coming over, and what areas are you looking at? If you let us know that I'm sure someone on here will be able to point you in the right direction. In general you should try to find accommodation well in advance, as the best or most affordable places get booked up very quickly. Good luck Tracey
  12. basicweb

    Perth Cost of Living

    Owner will pay buildings and contents (if furnished), and tenant wil usually pay for their own contents insurance of they have specific valuables. Tracey
  13. basicweb

    Perth Cost of Living

    Some good info here. my bills are a little lower, but there are only 2 of us. Also remember that once you are here and earning in Aussie Dollars then these figures won't seem so high. I know that when you first come over you convert everything to GBP, and with the exchange rate as it is you will REALLY scare yourself!! Tracey
  14. basicweb

    Was it worth the move?

    I was going to put a one word answer YES!!! I reckon that would just about cover it, but then it would miss out the full beauty of this place - well beaches, sunshine and space come immediately to mind, but it's more the opportunity to do things which is the biggy for us. If you have the right attitude you will do well over here. There is work, and there is opportunity to 'play' - camping, fishing, boating all the outdoors stuff is doable. Yes there are compromises, there's no pub on every corner, and actually drinking in a pub is very expensive. But you will make friends and go to bbq's at each other's houses, or just sit out at night with your family watching the stars. Ok enough, I think you can tell we love it here - Perth, WA 5 years in April. Tracey
  15. basicweb

    Anyone Moving to Perth in April?

    Good Luck David, I'm sure you will make a good life for yourself over here, all you need to bring with you is a positive attitude, and you'll do well :biggrin: Tracey