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  1. LaineyTV

    Advice needed on SA visa

    Thanks Sarah, Your post is very helpful indeed.. many thanks! I was advised by an agent that 22hrs is classed as full time post qualified - which I am, but that was a year ago - has the TRA changed as well as the occupation lists? But, as you have said that all states aren't sponsoring at the moment we'll have to sit tight a while longer, I also need to have worked for a sold 12 months as a barber/hairdresser. Fingers crossed this time next year SA will be sponsoring again and we can apply straight away. Thanks again for your excellent post! :smile:
  2. LaineyTV

    Advice needed on SA visa

    Thank you rammy girl, I will look at the TRA. xx
  3. LaineyTV

    Advice needed on SA visa

    Is there no one that has any advice or info? Please??
  4. LaineyTV

    Advice needed on SA visa

    Hi everyone, Hope you're all well. I am still working towards obtaining a visa to live in Adelaide but with all these new list changes I have been even more confused! lol!! Anyway, I am now a qualified hairdresser and have been working part time, but with ad hoc hours, I am now doing my barbering course and start work of 22hrs per week next month - all good so far. But... are barbers classed as hairdressers or not? What should I be doing next to progress - when should I make an application? My hubby will finish his degree next May/June but is currently 45yrs so is too old to make an application - we have 3 young children. Any advice/info would be very much appreciated. :cute: Many Thanks. Lainey xx
  5. LaineyTV

    DIY or an Agent???

    Hiya Jo, After our nightmare with an agent we will be going it alone too, they actually hindered our application, and if we'd been given a better service we may actually be in Oz by now, but instead we've missed the boat cos hubby is now 45 yrs old, so we'll have to make a new application as me being the main applicant which will take another 12 months for me to obtain the relevant work experience. I think as long as you do your research properly, talk to as many people on here as you can to find out visa info and which is best suited for you, then it should be straight forward. You'll also need to have documents ready, things like employment/job related, proof of work experience, qualifications etc. It's always best to provide more info than too little.. that was a tip we picked up. If you do decide on an agent, make sure you know of at least 4 different people with the same agent that can give you positive feedback that have obtained their visas within a reasonable time. Good Luck! Lainey
  6. LaineyTV

    New List of 457 Occupations Announced

    Sorry, but my hubby has a question about 457 visas, can anyone answer it? Hubby is a Highways Technician for our Local Authorirty and due to finish his civil engineering degree next May, and is nearly 45 years old. His question is - if a local Authority within a state, (say SA for example) liked the look of his CV and work experience would he be able to get employer sponsorship even though his job title is not on any list and he is over 44 years of age, but the employer would higher him? Thanks inadvance. Lainey
  7. LaineyTV

    State Sponsorship

    hello everyone, I have read that some of you are contacting the states direct for their SS visa information. My question is - who do you contact? We are interested in SA, WA & QLD states - so how do I go about contacting these states? Thanks. Lainey
  8. LaineyTV

    New List of 457 Occupations Announced

    Thank you for explaining! Cheers!
  9. LaineyTV

    New List of 457 Occupations Announced

    Hiya, I am totally confused with all these different lists!! Can someone please help me. My occupation is on this list - schedule 1 - ANZSCO Group Level 3. So what does this actaully mean for me? Can I make an application on a 457 visa - and what exactly is the 457 visa? lol!! Is this State Sponsored and what will I need to do to apply? Also are these lists to stay as they are or are they going change annually? Thanks for any info you can provide. Lainey.
  10. LaineyTV

    Skilled Codes - HELP!

    Thank you so much - at last I feel that I have been given a straight answer with which I can move forward on!! ;0)
  11. LaineyTV

    Skilled Codes - HELP!

    Hi everyone, There seems to be confusion about hairdressers being on the new SOL. As far as I can see they are on the list as hairdressers are actually on schedule 1 of the Trade Persons & related workers page 14 of 52 on the new list with the ASCO code. Am I right in thinking that ASCO is the code for Australia and ANZSCO is the list for both Aus & New Zealand - what do these codes actually mean - can anyone tell me? And does this now mean that I can apply for a skilled persons visa to Australia as a hairdresser? Thanks. Lainey
  12. LaineyTV

    Hairdressers- Are they back on the SOL?

    Here is the link that says hairdressers are on the list:- http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/88890-sol-175-176-475-announced.html And here is the link to the schedule:- http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/0/252A3EAFFB7D07D8CA25774A001D0B73/$file/IMMI10027LI.pdf hth. Lainey
  13. LaineyTV

    Hairdressers- Are they back on the SOL?

    Hi John, I was told by a very kind agent on here last night that - Yes hairdressers are on the SOL - schedule 3 of the revised list - PHEW!!! ;0) Which means that overseas hairdressers can apply under the new regs - but I think there is further info to come on individual states, so I'm waiting to see what comes out on 1st July, maybe just the demand lists - but fingers crossed there should be no change for us. hth. Lainey.
  14. LaineyTV

    Visa Granted today

    That's amazing! I hope I get as much invaluable help as you've had! :0) Congratulations & Good Luck!!
  15. LaineyTV

    New SOL Announced

    Hiya, I see that Hairdressers are on schedule 3 - does this mean I can still apply as a skilled person and as part of the SOL - or do I have to apply for a sponsored visa? Thanks.