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  1. Vymn

    Getting Ready to go.

    Anyone got any ideas what we should stock up on to take with us? Our visas have been approved on Monday (yippee! and aaaggghhhh!) we are going to be leaving in the second week of April - so have been busy thinking what to buy before we go. I have heard kiddies clothes are quite expensive so have stocked up on George t shirts, shorts and tops for kids, but have been thinking bout getting a years supply of contact lenses and also some new pillows and a decent hair cut (i know I am a bit random!). Am I getting stressed for no reason or are there other things i should make sure I buy before we get here? Vymn
  2. Vymn

    Certified copies - Post Office?

    My bank was more than happy to produce certified copies they photocopied onto their own letterhead and stamped it with their own stamp - and they didn't charge me. It goes a little of the way towards compensating for the hundreds of pounds I've paid in fees over the years....
  3. Vymn

    Things to buy before I fly!

    oops! - meant is 65-70K good based on 2 of us + 2 youngsters to feed and clothe not whether having 2 kiddys under 4 is a good thing!!!!:biglaugh:
  4. Vymn

    Things to buy before I fly!

    sorry Pinhead I didn't understand it either - am feeling dead thick My OH offered job $65-70k and we have 2 kiddys under 4 is that good?
  5. Vymn

    Had job offer today for Wogga Wogga area

    Hi littlelegz - Glad to see you have been offered the job - My OH got offered a job in Casino further up north (has a population of 10,000 where i live in a town of 100,000) - am still getting over the shock - Not that I didn't think he would get the job as I know he is qualified, but now the reality is setting in and I still havent told my parents - have so much to do - do we sell or rent, will the washing machine work?, do they have the equivalent of CBeebies? Take care and I have no doubt we will be keeping in touch Val - Martin's missus
  6. Vymn

    anyone got any info on Casino NSW?

    thanks for that - I'm thinking it's a bit small too, Lismore is just down the road, might look more at living in this area. OH's job is sorted, but I'm thinking that I won't be able to hack it as a lady of leisure (not counting 2 kids under 4), so need job prospects for me too. It's dead difficult making decisions that will effect our lives like this so far away - will have to wait 'til we get there I guess! vymn PS still can't believe we are going!!
  7. Vymn

    anyone got any info on Casino NSW?

    Any info on surrounding areas like Lismore would be good too! thanks PS Still can't beleive it!!:arghh:
  8. OH MY GOD!!!! My husband has been offerered the job by his sponsor for a job in Casino. they want us there in 3 months, have so much to do and so little time. the job is in Casino NSW - not where we thought it would be, so all my research has been for nowt! So anyone got any info on casino? would love to hear x PS OH MY GOD - still can't believe it!!!
  9. Vymn

    To Build or not to build

    Hi there, i have been surfing looking at oz builders and floorplans for around 150K -obviously need to buy land - but anyone have any ideas of the extra costs you need to pay out on top of this? vymn
  10. Vymn

    To Build or not to build

    Thanks for the help everyone -i am actually liking the thought of choosing my own bit of oz and building my own house from scratch with my own bare hands! (or at least selecting the bloke who will do it for me!) it all seems really exciting!!! Kent, good luck with your build, and let us know how it goes - bet u can't wait till Dec. Vymn x
  11. Vymn

    To Build or not to build

    I heard from somewhere that if you get into oz on a 457 visa you can only get a mortgage if you buy land and build - does anyone know if this is true? if so is there anyone out there that has done it and can let me know pitfalls or other things to look out for, hidden costs etc? am looking to move to nsw - newcastle or maitland area. Vymn x
  12. Vymn

    Hi - have finally signed up!

    HI Guys Thanks for your supportive messages - I really love this site and have found loads of interesting info - although I think I might be a little addicted!! Take Care x
  13. Vymn

    Newbie on here. England or Aus?

    Hi - I just joined up today too! it's dead scary this moving away malarky, and I do feel a tad guilty about even thinking about moving away, I have 2 kids under 4 and my OH is an only child, so his parents wont see their only grandchildren grow up - but then again the world is a much smaller in this day and age and I am sure they have web cams and msn in oz. Also, sometimes you have to be a bit selfish and think of what is best for you and your family. (and if you didn't try, would you regret it?????) Good luck x
  14. We have been browsing through Poms in Oz for a couple of months now and have finally taken the plunge to sign up - I have to say many thanks to all of you for the info and general chit chat - am getting a long list of things to do before we leave, but we are currently waiting for a job offer :spinny:will be going on a 457 if all goes well. Vymn