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    Moving to Victoria 2011?

    Hi, I hope you do not mind me during the conversation, we would like to emigrate to Mornington/Mt Martha in 2012. We came in August and loved it, we have our visa and State Sponsorship for Victoria. Since arriving home, things have not moved on, ideally because we have young children my husband would like to have a job before we go. My husband is an electrician and at the moment we run a small Business, however it appears that his qualifications are not recognized in Australia. We have looked at doing a course called down under traddies in England and we have put my husbands CV on the migration web site. Any advice or help would be gratefully appreciated. Chelle! :chatterbox::smile:
  2. justin&chelle

    Hotels for families in Melbourne

    Helpppppppppp!!!!!!!! We are a family of four going to Melbourne Australia in August to get our visa's stamped, we have not yet booked our hotel. Can anyone recommend a good hotel in Melbourne or near by. We plan to use the hotel as a base, so that we can visit Berrick, Mt Martha and a few more areas we would like to move too. Any help would be welcome, thank-you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: :arghh:
  3. justin&chelle

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Listen to everyone and take it easy!!!!!!!! Thank-you for all the information you have given on the site.xxxxx Chellex
  4. justin&chelle

    Anyone Used - Visa-Go

    Visa Bureau have been brilliant for us, would definately recommend!!!!!!!!! We had a lady called Lauren, she was outstanding!!! Got our visa today!!!!!!!!!:smile:
  5. justin&chelle

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Hi Just wanted to share our good news with everyone, we got our VISA TODAY, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy. Good Luck to everyone who is still waiting!!!!! We have not been on the site for ages but we appreciate all the information people have shared, I am sure we will be on it all the time now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smile::smile::smile::smile: Just got to celebrate with the kids now!
  6. justin&chelle

    Victoria smp released

    Well Done Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh: so sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy. SS Victoria! Hope everyone gets their wish!!!!!!!!! Chelle & Justin:yes:
  7. justin&chelle

    176 SS non-csl - where are you now?

  8. justin&chelle

    Visa granted!!!! 176 non-csl....

    CONTRATULATIONS STIG,:cool: I am from Liverpool/St Helens now living down south, really pleased for you. H:smile:opefully in the future we will get the phone call we are hoping for.......... Chelle and Justin..........
  9. justin&chelle

    176 SS non-csl - where are you now?

    Hi nicandjay, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes::yes: We started are process in 2008 with an agent, took are time becauce we have a young family and wanted everthing to be right, too much time as my husbands trade came off the CSL List. NOW in for a long wait, like so many others.:cry: This is a great thread though, with lots of information to share.:smile: CHELLE
  10. justin&chelle

    176 SS non-csl - where are you now?

    Hi Tasha, I agree with your last post, at least we are not in the lower groups!!!!! I am a postitve person and I too beleive it will happen!!!!!!!!!!!! EVENTUALLY HEE HEE. chelle.......:chatterbox:
  11. justin&chelle

    176 SS non-csl - where are you now?

    Hi John, Thanks for that! sounds like you will be ok. Unfortunately our agent did not lodge anything before sep09. I have checked with her on more than one occassion and she has advised me we are on the list but if nothing changes could be looking at a long wait.:confused: GOOD LUCK TO EVERY ONE WHO COMPLETED PRIOR TO SEPT 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chelle
  12. justin&chelle

    176 SS non-csl - where are you now?

    Hi Vickymel! Thank-you for your advice, as far as we can gather we missed the boat lodging our application in Septembe 2009. We started on a 175 cause my husband is an electrician and at the time was on the csl list, we took our time so everthing we lodged was spot on and also because we have a young family.( too much time' I think' ) Our case workers not DIAC officers changed three times during us lodging our application, we did complete on a 175 and then changed to a 176 but not before Sept2009 and we have now been told that our visa was only lodged january 10 (176). oh no!!!!!! We have been advised we are now on the list but have a long wait(2012):no: Wish we had of used PIO prior to sept 2009, once again thanks for your help!!!!!!! Chelle.:spinny:
  13. justin&chelle

    176 SS non-csl - where are you now?

    HI Tasha, Thankyou for putting our details onto the front page, we lodged our application on the the 04/01/2010 (we lodged on a 176 visa as our migration case worker advised us to change from a 175 due to the changes which occured in sep/09. Since starting our application it has been confusing at times due to us having had three migration Case workers but as previously stated , we should of lodged sooner,just like everyone else in the same boat.:smile: Hope I have given enough information Tasha!!!!!!! Chelle........
  14. justin&chelle

    176 SS non-csl - where are you now?

    Hi VickyMel, Thanks for the welcome and advice, but i think I am already addicted after a few days, people are so helpful! Wish we had of used PIO prior to Sept09 changes, but hey ! I am sure we will get there in the end... Chelle:laugh:
  15. justin&chelle

    176 SS non-csl - where are you now?

    Hi Tasha, Forgot to say I would be grateful if you could add our details to the list. Wish we had of joined earlier!!!!!!!!! Chelle:unsure: