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    Living in Point Cook

    Hi, I've been in Point Cook for 7 years. We are happy here but like everything there are + and - The main negative is the traffic in rush hour getting in and out of PC. It can be horrendous! And it has got worse as the years have passed. If you live closer to freeway access it makes life easier. Also government schools are zoned. So if you have school aged kids, it's best to choose a school, then find a house within their zone This is applicable to most metropolitan suburbs IMO, so not just PC. On the plus, there is a great community feel to the area If you have any questions I'll be happy to try and help
  2. laurainlondon

    Second stage spouse visa Processing!

    Hi, I went through the 2nd stage at the beginning of the year and got the standard reply saying 6-8mnths for processing. I too have a daughter with my Ozzy OH and we have properties together here in Vic. I sent all this info off with the application and got a letter back within the month saying that I was now a PR. :jiggy: If your case is straight forward you will probably hear back sooner than you think. I have to say that I have never experienced visa issues when applying for work though. Good luck and hope it arrives soon! :em3600:
  3. laurainlondon

    Anyone need furniture, near Melbourne??

    Hey Sophie, still interested in TV. Can you email me pic and details? ta Laura lmlyall@hotmail.com
  4. laurainlondon

    Anyone need furniture, near Melbourne??

    Oooo would be interested in the TV. Is it available asap? And how old is it and what price are you looking for? We are in Point Cook. Thanx
  5. laurainlondon

    Living in Point Cook

    Hi, We have lived in Point Cook for just over a year now. We rented initially, then bought a house in October. We love it here. Yes, it's new and modern, but that is exactly what we were looking for after living in London! My OH works in the CBD. So he drives to Laverton then get the train to the city. The express take 20 mins. Driving in would take 20mins during the day, but rush hour in the a.m. is a nightmare over the Westgate. But you would take the Princess Hwy to Maribyrnong, so traffic is alot better. I have made some fab mates here and with a new baby it is a safe, clean and strller friendly place to live Any Point Cook catch ups- would love to join in! Cheers
  6. Hi, I am a teacher living in Melbourne. I am British and my OH Ozzie, so I worked in the Eastend of London for many years and we had TA's in every class: general and SEN. Here in Melbourne I have only seen SEN TA's as the schools that I have worked at with many having parents who come in and help with reading groups. It maybe due to the class sizes. As in the uk my classes were always around 30 pupils, so I required a general TA. Whereas here, class sizes are generally alot smaller: 20-25. Maybe try and get voluntary work first and try and get in that way. I haven't seen a demand for this kind of position, but sure someone will correct me if I am wrong :unsure: Good Luck!
  7. laurainlondon

    Conflicting views on Melbourne Suburbs

    Hey there, we live in Point Cook and love it! There are definately some major misconceptions about the West. My OH is Ozzy and from Melbs. When we said that we were moving to PC his family were saying that it was miles away :arghh:. Then when they came to visit they said " oh it's really close to the city, didn't take us long at all!" LOL My OH works in the CBD and it takes him 20 mins on the train to get to work. As opposed to 40 mins from Glen Wavely. It's definately down to choice. We like the "newness" of PC. The houses, location etc. After 10 years in London I couldn't stand living in/near to town in an old house with busy roads. PC is more of a family suburb- not for 20 something party animals. The Penninsula on the East is lovely, but it comes at the cost of a long commute into town. Look for yourself and make your own decisions! Happy hunting!
  8. Hi, I moved to Melbourne on a defacto visa in September and I did it on my own as it is so straight forward and only takes a few weeks to come through. It would be madness to pay for an agent. DIMIA are very strict on the 12 month rule: as in, you must have lived together as a committed couple. I don't think you would qualify on these grounds. Sure someone will correct me if I am wrong! Would a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) not be more appropriate? This visa allows you to enter Australia and marry your intended spouse (fiancé(e)) within the visa's nine (9) month validity period. Your fiance(e) must be one of the following: an Australian citizen an Australian permanent resident an eligible New Zealand citizen. Check it out on the DIMIA website. Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) You could also email Australia House with your queries as to which visa is most suitable. They are quite prompt in replying. Good luck! Laura
  9. laurainlondon

    Antenatal advice Melbourne

    Hi, I arrived in Melbourne in Sept with my Ozzy partner and I was 16 weeks pregnant. I just registered with my local GP and he discussed my options: public/private care and then referred me to the hospital of my choice. I have gone public and all my care is bulk billed through medicare (free) this has included my midwife care, scans, obstetrician and hospital care. I am due in Feb and the care I have received has been outstanding! The baby bonus is for citizens, PR, and spousal visas. I have pasted a section from Centrelink. Check out their website for more info. To lodge a claim and qualify for Baby Bonus, you must be an Australian resident - this means you have been living in Australia on a permanent basis and you are either: an Australian citizen the holder of a permanent resident visa, or the holder of Special Category Visa - someone who arrived on a NZ passport, or the holder of a particular temporary visa - these are known as "spouse provisional" or "interdependency" or "temporary protection" visas. Hope this helps :-) Laura
  10. laurainlondon

    Fabreeze and comfort ironing water??

    Hi, been in Melbourne since Sept and loving it. But do miss some of my Brit necessities:yes: Has anyone seen fabreeze or any fabric sprays? Not bothered about the make- just want the product. And has anyone seen any comfort ironing water or nice smelling ironing water? Can't believe they are not available somewhere:wacko: I live in Point Cook so preferably a shop somewhere near me. If not think I have found a gap in the market and I am going to start my own laundry product import business- LOL Thanks Laura
  11. laurainlondon

    anyone used excess?

    We used them and were very happy with their service. The price was very reasonable and packers were great. Shipment was collected end of Aug and it arrived here in Melbourne middle of November. The Australian arm is Grace Brothers and they were good too! Good Luck
  12. laurainlondon

    midwife care in melbourne

    Hi, I was 4 months pregnant when we arrived in Melbourne in September. My OH is Australian so I am here on a spousal visa, so don't know what your visa entitles you to :wacko: but can advise you on what I have done. I had to register with a GP and he referred me to a local hospital of my choice. My hospital is public/ private and runs midwife led care. I have gone public and see my midwife at a local community centre 5 mins from home and she is fantastic. I also had my 20 week scan at the hospital and I am seeing an obstetrician next week. All my care is free and bulk billed on medicare with no costs to me. However, if your hospital is not midwife led( like my local Mercy H) you would have to pay to see an obstetrican throughout your pregnancy at a cost of about $4000 :yes: Where are you planning on living? Check out local hospitals and the type of care you would like before getting here and remember to bring all test results etc. Good luck and PM me if you think I can help with anything else. Laura
  13. laurainlondon

    Which energy supplier do you use?

    Been in Melbourne for 3 weeks now staying with OH's family. We have finally found a rental:jiggy:which we move into at the weekend. I now need to get the gas and electricity connected and don't know who will be the best/cheapest. Also, am I right in thinking that you have to pay a tariff to get gas and electricity supplied to your house?:unsure: Would appreciate anyones advice and guidence on who to use. Would also be interested in peoples experienece of phone companies- telstra, optus etc for a landline. Cheers Laura
  14. laurainlondon


    Hi Valerie, I am 4 months pregnant and due at the end of Feb. I moved to Melbourne last week with my Ozzy partner. We are staying with his folks in the Northern suburbs but had also decided that we wanted to be in Point Cook before we even left the UK. We are in the middle of the 'open inspection' rental nightmare.:arghh: But we love the area and its amenities-it's everything we were looking for. So we will hopefully have found a home by the time you get here and I too will then be a stay at home mum. So PM me nearer the time and would be good to catch up. Good luck with the move! Laura
  15. Yep I remember :wacko:. I still sent everything to a friend in Oz and she got a pre paid envelope for Oz to UK and sent it with my application to Canberra. As you said, not easy from the UK/Irealand to do all this! It's a time when you need Ozzy family and friends! Good Luck :cute: