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    GP's wanted - QLD

    Hi all, Looking for a GP to work in a Non DWS area in Fortitude Valley/New Farm in Brisbane. Mon - Friday, 65% of Private Billing. Nurses on site. Also looking for a a fulltime GP in Ipswich QLD, very good basic and a % of Medicare (Will consider locums). Ipswich is a DWS area. Finally need 2 GP's in Mount Isa. Very good base + perks (Housing and and vehicle included) Please PM me or email to maslynmoyo@tpg.com.au for more information
  2. maslyn

    Bardon State School

    Hi Does anyone know if the school takes children only from their catchment area? Thanks
  3. Any VR registered GP's interested in Permanent or Contract Roles (4 weeks) min working in Aboriginal Medical Services. Email maslynmoyo@tpg.com.au if you are interested.
  4. maslyn

    Violin query

    Hi am looking for 1/16 so a pretty small one.
  5. maslyn

    Violin query

    How much did you buy the small ones for? The music teachers recommendations are costing between 300-500 dollars
  6. maslyn

    Violin query

    Yes i have tried google there seems to be the very cheap ones and the very expensive ones. I am in Brisbane.I am on the fence about spending too much in case it doesn't go very well.
  7. maslyn

    Violin query

    Any ideas on where to buy a violin for a child?
  8. maslyn

    Brisbane Grammar/Brisbane Girls Grammar School

    If you like the schools just put their names down it is easier that way (yes there are a few people i have met that put their children down on the list and some 4 to 6 years in advance )and there are some that missed out or got a last minute place due to some families relocating.They are very good schools just make sure they are happy when they get there.
  9. maslyn

    plc melbourne

    Can anyone assist with information on the school?
  10. maslyn

    AHPRA - South African Nurses

    Have you tried contacting AHPRA with that information?They do state that some cases are viewed on individual bases.
  11. maslyn

    AHPRA - South African Nurses

    If you have a written letter from NMC you can send a copy to AHPRA and wait for their response.
  12. maslyn

    Nursing working hours?

    There are hospitals that allow 12 hour shifts but they seem to be more common in icus
  13. maslyn

    Sunshine west

    I have been to Sunshine West and saw some new houses it`s also close to the city does anyone have any info on the area?
  14. maslyn

    Frustrated Practice nurse!!!!

    Sounds familiar losing a lot of skills as the doctors dont seem to recognise nursing as a profession in its own right.
  15. maslyn


    Is it a good surburb for a young family?