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    <p>Hope you don't mind me contacting you but your thread regarding your visa has gave my family a chink of light in emigrating to Oz.</p>

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    <p>Our 18 year old son has mild cerabal palsy and learning difficulties. To be honest the cp does not hold him back in any way as he walks,talks runs etc. Our major concern of not being granted a visa would be around his ability to progress in adult life. Currently we have guardianship over Jordan as he is not capable to make life choices. He does however go to mainstream college where he is learning basic life skills - cooking, domestic, communication, finance etc. We are also hoping he might be able to get a basic skills part time job- at this stage we are unsure if there would be something to suit!</p>

    <p>Would you be able to offer any more advice on whether we w oils have a chance of passing the medical process?</p>

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    <p>Your comments( positive or negative) would be greatly appreciated by a family desperate </p>

    <p>to move to Oz.</p>

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    <p>Kind Regards</p>

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    <p>Jason Buchanan</p>