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  1. loopylas

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Hi Connie, Please can you turn us PURPLE as well, DIAC website show's our visa as APPROVED.
  2. Well the DIAC website shows our visa was granted today, still waiting on the email from our agent! Not sure where to start! This could be a long one but I promised myself that if we were approved I would post our details so others would not give up hope. We have a 9 year old who has Mild Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Diplegia) He uses walking sticks for short distance and a wheelchair for long distances, around the house and at school (attends mainstream) he walks unaided. His main issues are balance, when in busy surroundings he could be easily knocked over. We also have a daughter who has Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Enlarged Heart) She has been stable since a baby and over the years her heart has decreased in size, although she will be on medication all of her life it does not restrict her from any activity. Through POI we contacted George Lombard and his medical team who assessed both our children and at the time said that there was a 50/50 chance we would get approval. In our eyes the glass was half full, if we didn't try we would always regret and it was now or never! We decided to use a UK based agent and Go Matilda was recommended again on POI. Sarah (in OZ) & Wendy (in UK) have been great putting up with my questions and emails and because of the matter of our medical problems being told what was needed from us was less stressful than us having to work out what paper-work was required. Also in the early days Gollywobbler (Gill) was a fantastic help, thank you x:notworthy: Saying that the medicals were always going to be the biggest hurdle for us, especially for our son so I made sure I contacted every consultant, doctor, pyhsio, senco and club (swimming, football etc) leader anyone involved with him on a regular basis and asked them all to write letters explaining how he coped daily/weekly within school and clubs. The letters that came back were amazing, very in-depth about his physical ability and how nothing stops him from joining in, they were also very well written and the best glowing report we could have wished for. The children's medicals were then referred for 5 weeks then finalised last week and yesterday I emailed our CO to ask for an update, to find this morning that the DIAC website showed our visa as APPROVED. The moral of my long story is that you should never give up hope, we started this process 3 years ago, almost to the day and were put off lots of times. You have to put a lot of time effort, money, heart and soul to get to the end but the pull, dream or adventure, whatever you want to call it will never go unless you take it to the end of the line! We have finally made it to the end!!!:jiggy: There is a lot more I could say but don't want to bore you all, please pm me if more details will help. My last few words are CONNIE, PLEASE TURN US PURPLE (and thanks for keeping up the thread)
  3. I had the same thoughts a few months back (didn't post it) as I came to a dead-end, like you! Would be interested if you find anything else out though.
  4. Hello Si, Could you also pm me with company details. Think we have less in the house to take but need to take OH tools. Many thanks, great post.
  5. Problems is we have an agent, gonna ask them to chase first and then I will if no response!
  6. Did email them 2 weeks ago and was told they were 'under assessment', may contact them again next week but they are taking between 3 weeks to 2 months to finalise apparently!
  7. Medicals are still referred, 4 weeks today!!!! Any news Janice1uk, jlr248 and Shaza? Know you were all referred as well???
  8. loopylas

    The car: To ship...or not to ship?? Confused!

    We are weighing up the cost of taking our Renault Espace or downsizing and buying second hand out there. Still have not made a decision but I have a question about air-conditioning! Obviously the UK's standard of air-conditioning would make no difference in Oz so does anyone know if you can convert/upgrade and what the costs would be to do this?
  9. Medicals are finally in Oz. 3 out of 5 say finalised and 2 are referred, which is what we expected. Not long now, I hope!
  10. It drives you insane!!! I know a few people who did their medicals 2 weeks after mine, some have been finalised and the others are waiting on family members to be finalised. Just want to know if they have received ours. Have asked agent to check it out.
  11. Our medicals were sent on 10/03/11, nothing has been updated on our application and it does not say they have been received yet! It is 2 weeks tomorrow! Can I assume you all knew when your medicals were received in Oz because your status changed to received???
  12. loopylas

    Beware time zone - medicals!!!!!!

    We also went with Maidenhead clinic and had the same problem with medicals not being sent for over 2 weeks when we were told it would take a week. After the first week I called them and the impression I got was the doctor we had only came in once a week so they were not sent off until the end of the second week as I believe she did not have the x-rays back?! They were sent 10/03 and I still have no clue if they have been received as nothing has been updated on DIAC website and agent has heard nothing yet!
  13. loopylas

    personal possesions inside your car

    Hi there. We are planning on taking our car, was gonna get a quote to put it in the container, was wondering which roll on roll off company you were using? Many thanks
  14. Have you been requested to go for your medicals from you CO? I believe your online application will say requested if you need to do them!? If you have been asked to do you medicals you click on each individual form for each applicant and print them off, fill in the bits required by you only and then take them to the Panel Doc and they complete the rest with you there. Then the Panel Doctor sends it off to Oz, you are not allowed to see the documents. In our case our CO had filled in some of our details for each applicant so we needed to print each one separate and although our 11 year old did not have a 160EH (chest X-ray) online when we got to the medicals she had to have one done but the clinic was great at getting the correct form. I think it also depends on what visa you are applying for as to what medicals you need to do!? Hope this helps!?
  15. loopylas

    Ventrucular Septal Defect (VSD)

    So pleased for you, thanks for replying and lets hope we get ours. meds booked for next week