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  1. nick1972

    Leaving six weeks today

    Well said. UK has major flaws, but so does everywhere else that has the things I want to be able to live my life. (Canada, US, Oz, NZ etc.) It also has breathtaking scenery (Scotland, Snowdonia, Cornwall, Devon, Lake district, Croydon etc.), great people with a great sense of humour, great food (I too love my curries) affordable cars, Europe on my doorstep and New York is only 5 and a bit hours away if I wanted. I was THIS close to sending my forms away. But I have seen the light and decided that all of the above + the fact I would be giving away 20% of what I've earned over the years thanks to Sterlings performance this last 6 months has changed my mind. Australia is a fantastic country, the UK is a fantastic country. YOUR country is alot easier to make work than a new one that you THINK will be better. If life isn't shaping up here/Aus, its going to be alot harder 12,000 miles away without a support network. If I had bugger all here to give up, then maybe I think I would see things differently. Nick.
  2. nick1972

    What are your plans B & C?

    Hi Family 5, Your situation and thoughts are almost identical to ours. We like you have seen sterling lose at least 20% in 6 months and that is something I dont see reversing anytime soon. That coupled with escalating house prices down under (Perth especially) has made the dream 'shrink' considerably. We dont have a bad life here, but we have seen our 'surroundings' detiriate these last few years under Blairs Britain. The answer to your question isn't clear for us, but I know we have to move on and put the oz plan to one side. As you said, maybe move to a more idylic part of the UK, I'm sure they exist. Either that or Canada, now theres a thought......................
  3. I've used these for the last 4 years and never had a problem. www.drivewest.com.au They are based near the large hotel on Scarborough Beach, but will meet you at Perth airport. Cheers. Nick.
  4. nick1972

    Shattered Dreams... What to do??

    I dont think the above is true in alot cases with regards to a similar job in say the south east of England compared with western Australia. As for the shopping/food bills, I have recently come back from visit number 5 and the locals are moaning about costs escalating to the extent that it was a TV news feature on more than one occasion, the research stated that WA prices had gone up by more than 41% in the last 3 years comapared with 29% in the UK and a similar figure in California (why they used that as a comparison I dont know). The sterling/dollar rate doesnt come into it, except for visitors like myself. It does make me wonder on the food prices though, as you are constantly reminded to 'Buy Australian' or 'Buy Western Australian' or 'This company is proudly Australian owned' but they jack up the prices on locally produced items (veggies, milk, bread etc.) Nick.
  5. nick1972

    Calling those who applied on their own

    [2.Apart from proof of employment (employer reference) we also have to submit a c.v. What should be the format of the c.v? what info. should be included therein...etc..etc... Research the CV format that is expected in Australia (resume), take a look within www.google.com.au and search for Aussie recruitment agencies who usually have samples. Cheers, Nick.
  6. nick1972

    Shattered Dreams... What to do??

    [you just have to decide whether you're prepared to give it a go! This 'give it a go' saying is used far to easiliy IMO. We are talking about people moving to the other side of the world for what is mostly hoped a better life (although that remains to be seen) and if the exchange rates continue to be this bad then IMO you would be MAD to 'give it a go' in the short/medium term if your thinking of taking any hard earned equity with you. Far to many romantic notions of a utopia down under where finance is an irrelevance if you ask me. Which you didnt. :err: Rant over. :SLEEP:
  7. nick1972

    IELTS this week

    Why do you need one anyway, I assume your all British born and bred?
  8. nick1972

    what would be the average wage WA?

    I am stunned that anyone would want to migrate to the other side of the world for a minimum wage job with just $5k in the bank. Britain can't be that bad can it?
  9. Hello, After successfully navigating the application process, can you decide to move to another state that wasn't on or thought of within the original application? (non-state sponsored visa type) Thanks in advance. Nick.
  10. nick1972

    Can you change your mind on the state?

    160 Business Owner (provisional)
  11. Once approved on a 160 application, can you change your mind on which state you wish to live in? If not, is that the case with all visa types? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for that, who's rates do you you use? Bank Of Australia? I know we are talking minor differences.
  13. Good question. Any answers anyone.
  14. nick1972

    Whats your fav Oz destination?

    (1) Fraser Island (2) Noosa (3) Margaret River area.