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  1. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what the work/job situation is like in and around these areas. I am a carpenter/builder thinking of coming over from New Zealand. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this,so apologies if i am in the wrong. Any help/advice appreciated. Gundog.:biggrin:
  2. gundog

    Ens Follow Up

    Thanks for the promt reply great help just eradicates another worry. Reagards Gundog
  3. gundog

    Ens Follow Up

    Can anyone tell me,when you have been granted your PR visa on the ENS route, do you keep in touch with immigration with regard to employment and how it is working out with your employer.
  4. gundog

    Ens Query

    Hi Gollywobbler, I am in NZ at the moment. I have PR here. I do have a house to sell, not on market at moment. The nomination and the application went in together and we received a case officer after only 4 weeks is this a good sign? Once the ENS is granted how long do you get before you have to go to OZ? I am dealing with this myself and after speaking with an agent have been told it could take as little as 4 months! (the sooner the better!!!!!!!!) Thanks for your help! Regards Gundog
  5. gundog

    Ens Query

    Hi all, Sent off applications and police checks and various other paperwork,have been given a case oficer, will he tell me when to get medicals done, or should i get them done and send them ???
  6. gundog

    Ens/permanent Resident

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me, when you are granted your permanent residency through the ENS application are there any conditions or restrictions placed on this visa.
  7. gundog

    Family sponsor question?

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how long i have to be a permanent resident before i can sponsor my 18 yr old son to come and join us in oz......We will be entering under the ENS visa.
  8. gundog

    Employer nominated sponsored

    Hi, Can anyone tell me once you have been accepted on this scheme, is there a time scale in which you have to be with that employer. Can you be sent home if your not with that employer for a specific period of time ? for example if you have a difference of opinion and part company!