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    Casual Bricklayer

    ok job closed thanks

    scottish bricky in brisbane

    Hi pm your details we have a post on here looking for a bricky to start asap Kind Regards Phil

    Casual Bricklayer

    Ok this job will be full time from thursday i will give today then put it on gumtree. Sorry claner we are in brisbane not perth so i cant help you out .

    Casual Bricklayer

    Yes Things are starting to pick up now, so was hoping to help someone out with a bit of work before i put it on gumtree.

    Christmas Flights

    Hi all WOW Just had a look at flights for xmas and got the shock of my life !!!!!!!! Does anyone Know of any cheap flights at the minute.

    Casual Bricklayer

    Looking for a casual bricklayer to work when needed . Start tomorrow at augustine Heights 4hrs Doing a base, then more work next week working south and north side of brisbane. p.m. because it will go quick thanks. Kind Regards Phil Moss
  7. HI, We are looking at moving back to the UK, and would like to get back into the market as soon as possible when we get back. But we are worried about problems with getting a mortgage after being out country 4 years and not having any UK wage slips etc.... straight away! Is there a time limit before we can apply? And has any one else had a similar experience to us? We would also have 20% deposit to put in to the property. Thanks Sarah

    Tax numbers, Financial Issues

    HI Boab88, Me and my partner was in the same place as you i was born here and when a arrived i could not get my tax file number on line because the system said i should already have one. So i had to go into the local office in brisbane and do a paper app which takes around 28 days to come back , so if you want to work think about doing this first. We applied for a spouse visa once here and it sailed threw in about 12 weeks with no dramas at all. All the best on returning to Australia i must say it was the best thing we ever did and we love the life style we have here . Kind Regards Phil


    hi lee, we pay are 4th year app $28 an hour i hope that helps and like most place's in the world as long as you can lay bricks they will not ask to see any papers onsite. Unless you want to set up on your own hope that helps and best off luck.

    Thinking of Melbourne Bricklaying

    hi hannash yes we are looking at trying to keep are builders in queensland as well, so we are looking at flying in and out of melbourne once the ute and tools are down there. Brisbane is very quite we have 3 builders and they don't have a lot of work at the minute we are doing 3 days a week at best . Kind Regards Phil Moss

    Thinking of Melbourne Bricklaying

    Thanks ihanabell I am looking at coming down next week to have a look, then if i can find a bit of work i shall becoming back down with the tools and the rest of the gang . We have a 3 & 1 gang looking at coming down there with me as things are not moving at all in brisbane. Once again thanks and i shall have a look around Geelong Kind Regards Phil Moss

    Bricklayers needed Brisbane North Side

    Hi Hannash, We are paying are brickies $32 an hour at the minute but things are slow and they are only getting 24-30 hours a week . We are only 5 minutes from north lakes and i am sure you will love it there. You will need to get an abn straight away and then look at converting you papers to australian papers , then go on a 1 day management course its not to bad to do if you but your mind to it. Kind Regards Phil Moss
  13. Hi All, In the last 2 weeks 2 bricklayers have moved from brisbane to melbourne to chase work and have found it , thinking off doing the same myself with the crew we have and was wondering if anyone knows what the situation is for bricklayers down there . Things seem to be getting slower in brisbane and we are now down to 3 days a week with the odd week off (like next week ). Any feed back would be good to know . Kind Regards Phil Moss

    Bricklayers needed Brisbane North Side

    Hi Bigmac, The work situation is really slow at the minute we are down to 3 and 1 gang at the minute, and only doing 3 to 4 days a week. Yes you need as QBSA licence to trade but it is not to hard to get if you want it and if you have one in S A you might be able to transfer it . As for big jobs Priest Bricklaying in the city get most of them and are nearly always looking for blocklayers. best of luck with everything hope it goes well Kind Regards Phil Moss

    Bricklayers needed Brisbane North Side

    Hi Lewis, No sorry things are not moving that quick at the minute with work to sponsor anyone . wish you will in finding someone to do it Kind Regards Phil Moss