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    Moving from Melbourne to Canberra

    My husband moved 3 weeks ago and I decided to stay here for 6 months with the kids to 1st see how the new job is and 2nd let my oldest finish her school year here. If all is well in Dec we will all move to Canberra.
  2. Hi Poms, Just looking for advise from anyone who has moved interstate. My husband has just been offered a job in Canberra and we currently live in Melbourne and have done for 10years now. Has anyone out there done it, if so what removal companies did you use? What was the cost as it looks sooo expensive!!! What are good family suburbs and schools? I have a 3 year old and a 8 year old. Any info would be lovely as I'd love to meet new friends and have the move go as smoothly as possible!! Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  3. apparently it changed as from 1st Nov that now all is processed in the UK
  4. No i had to send mine to a Durham address in the UK
  5. So this new passport application is bad enough having to send all your important ORIGINAL documents now half way across the world but I'm now freeking out my stuff is all lost 2 Aus passports , 2 UK passports and 2 birth certificates! Submitted application for my 2 daughters passports and my husbands in Feb! Posted express courier delivery 2 weeks ago today and my online tracking with Aus post said was delivered @ destination 28th March at 9.55am However the uk passport office website when i log in says " awaiting application " as my status!!! Surly this should now say " processing application!" I having complete anxiety about it , what the hell would i do if i loose all these important documents! I think this process is ridiculous!! how we are suppose to trust the postal system with such valuable items is beyond me!
  6. Hi guys, We have purchased a house and so our rental will be available for re-let as from 1st Feb. Its a 4 bedroom 2 storey house in sanctuary lakes. Large house, large garden, lovely landlords and great rental price. Ducted evap cooling, ducted heating, ducted vaccume, double oven, solar heated hot water system, water tank, rumpas, office, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms just a absolute lovely house! Not wanting to pay rent and mortgage for too long so if anyone interested would be awesome! honest a great house at a great rate so please get in touch if interested Thanks
  7. gparkes

    Scouse in the house

    Me n hubby are from liverpool too, live in point cook now. Always the entertainment amongst our friends with the "calm down" jokes and watch your car tires remarks. think there is quite a few of us around, have heard a few accents recently
  8. Hi Fellow Poms, We are currently living in Melbourne which we love but an opportunity has arisen to move to Sydney, Job would be in North Ryde area so just looking on advise on where u would live?? Budget is reasonable so somewhere nice, suburbs are more us as we like a garden with Having a 3yr old, nice schools in area ect Any info and advise would be great as i have been looking through so many posts my eyes are going square! :-)
  9. gparkes

    Car for sale

    Have a friend who is moving back to the Uk and is selling their car so thought to pop it on here see if anyone is interested. White Toyota corolla 2007 model: Link below is carsales.com.au Advert http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=11465970&__Qpb=1&Cr=5&__Ns=pCar_LastModifiedDate_DateTime|1&keywords=&__N=1216%201246%201247%201252%201282%204294962861%204294962707%20903%201518&silo=1011&__No=15&seot=1&tsrc=allcarhome&__Nne=15&trecs=1152&__sid=13308499D43F
  10. gparkes

    Certifying precious stones

    Thanks Guys! Tony- thats rough mate!! :mad:
  11. gparkes

    Fliying 3 dogs to Australia

    We shipped 2 Cavalier king charles spaniels here over 3 years ago now, they love it here. Cost around 7 thousand AUD all in with vets vaccinations shipping kennels, quarantine act but all worth it! My boys have a great life here and i love to have shared it with them, rehoming for me just was not an option at all!! We used golden arrow i think they were called and very impressed, if had to do it all again would not have changed a thing, they took care of everything and told us what to do, when to do it! Easy as! As for the trip! don't think about it, must be awful but its awful for us too. We are doing it coz we love them and want to share an amazing experience with them. They will be fine loads have done it unharmed in the past
  12. gparkes

    Certifying precious stones

    Hi all, Have got some precious stones and wondering if anyone knows of any jewellers that would certify them? Have them sitting here and no idea what to do with them. Bought them from dubai cheap and wanted to really bring them back and sell them for profit but don't know where to start! Someone on here may know of someone who has done or some one who will or may even be a jeweller to give some advice on where to start.
  13. gparkes

    Point Cook

    I would love to jump in this meet up if possible? I am Gail (29yrs), been here since 2007 and would love to meet some new friends. I have a 3year old daughter who goes to daycare on a friday so that would be great for me to say hi if its ok with you??
  14. gparkes

    Steer clear of the West

    I Live in sanctuary Lakes, Moved here in 2007 and wouldn't wanna move anywhere else. Nothing wrong with the west
  15. gparkes

    like to meet brits living on Sanctuary lakes

    Gaz- as long as u have a patio heater, jumper coat gloves and alcohol BBQ is always an option! ;-)