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  1. The Butlers

    Feel really bad for not being on here much !!!!!

    It is a great area glad you are settling well. When you next meet at the dome let me know :biggrin:
  2. The Butlers

    Feel really bad for not being on here much !!!!!

    Thanks and yes she is lovely x
  3. The Butlers

    Is it Perth? Maybe I'm imagining things....

    We have never been to any other parts of australia but looking forward to holidaying in them all xxx Perth for us was taken out of our hands as was the only state we were told we could go to with hubbies job. I also saw that in the paper about being most expensive it also said it had the least unemployment so both of us having good jobs and with great prospects of my hubby moving up a big ladder we are happy to stay where we are even if it is more expensive. The job he is on at the moment is north of wa and there were others employed from other states but lots of them have been sent back as its more economical to keep fly in fly out employees in this state so for us this is only good becuse means there will more likely always be a job for my hubby they also say if they are waiting for another job to start they will pay them to stay at home so they dont go and work for anyone else which again only applies to wa based employess which may only be for the company my hubby is working for and I can only base this on that but just wanted to make the point of why we are here and have no intention of going anywhere while my hubby has a good job. First time in 10 years together we have a bit of sercurity, peace of mind. Dont feel isolated at all love the fact we can take the kids to the city as living near london it wasnt the best place for kids. Dont have time to go somewhere for a few days here and there as to busy haha but i am off to melbourne for a work conference and making the most of it with my friend for a bit of shopping can't be bad x Like it was said the more brits come here the bigger the percentage that go back so dont think its perth just the figures. Well thats my view on perth but like i said never been anywhere else so can't say i prefer perth just had to come here and we all love it.
  4. The Butlers

    Feel really bad for not being on here much !!!!!

    Thanks for the good luck and yes we are enjoying it and get told off by the boys for saying things in an english accent haha
  5. The Butlers

    Feel really bad for not being on here much !!!!!

    The photo was when we validated in 2010 x
  6. Hello All Have been busy bee's since arriving April last year !!!! can't belive we have been here a year as it took so bloody long to get here just shows if you want something bad enough you will get it :wink: . I must say thanks to poms in oz and the hours and hours and hours of being on here leading up to finally coming to oz for good Myself and my family have meet some amazing people from here and they have all made the move so much easier. Was having lunch on the marine (i know rub it in but derserve it haha) with two lovely ladies which I meet on here and we were all saying how bad we feel for not being on here and helping others like we were helped so many times and i went for coffee with an amazing lady who does still help others on here and who was an amazing support to so many of us when we were waiting for the god damn visa's so felt bad for not coming on. I always enjoyed reading stories good and bad about how people were getting on. So will let you know how our first year in oz has been will keep it short i hope haha I have had a job since we arrived as i had an interview when we came to validate in may nothing full time just a few meetings here and there to get me ready for my own meeting which i did in the uk ( I am a weight watcher leader) so I now have my own meetings and really enjoy them same as I did in the uk. My husband a plasterer and roofer started off as a plasterer for first 8 months hated it but it was a means to an end until he got a job up in the mines. ( he hated plastering in uk too so nothing to do with plastering here) He is on a job as a trades assit not that he is is doing that he is doing the same as the capenters just can't help getting involved, he flys out for 4 weeks (not nice but not forever) he comes back for a week and we all have a great time. The boys age 8 and 6 have been to two different schools we only changed schools because my friend who i see most days lives in this area and her hubby works in the mines so we support each other. We also have a lovely puppy a labradoodle who keeps us all safe and busy while hubby is away x We are working hard to save a deposit for a house as money we made in the uk selling our house has long gone !! On the wages we both earn we are able to pay bills and enjoy meals out and days out and even managing to put some money by for a deposit. We are loving living in oz and it's best thing we have done for us all. We all have some amazing friends who become the family you thought you could never live without. We havent had any visitors just yet selfish gits anyone would think them flights are expensive haha Will do my best to pop back on here every now and then incase i can be of any help to anyone. Right must go got car to load up for work in the morning, packed lunches to do, read to the boys ect ect ect. Sorry for neglect :biggrin: Emma and gang x
  7. See you at the airport cant wait woo hoo !!!!!! can you tell the airport to rush you through as I have waited to long for your arrival xxxxxx
  8. The Butlers

    NOR ~ Where to live & how to choose?

    Hello all sorry I havent been on here much but have been busy settling 2 boys and a hubby oh and of course me :wink: We are renting in Tapping have no reason to leave the area so when we have saved enough money we will buy in this area could take some time but not worried as we are here living life to the full. The boys love they school we love the area and love being not to far from beaches freeway and of course lakeside xxx Its hard to say what area you would advise someone else to live as we are all different and want different things in life. Just go with what feels right for your family and you will soon be where you want to be and start living life to the full. Good luck with your choosen area and let me know when you are coming so we can meet up. Em x
  9. The Butlers

    2 single beds to buy in perth ??

    Hi all We are looking for 2 beds to buy for the boys it has to be single (not king single ) as have bedding for singles. sinlge beds or bunk would be great x Thanks Emma sick of looking on gumtree Butler :laugh:
  10. TAPPING !!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:
  11. Thanks Michelle can't wait for my two shelleys to be in perth (see where I was going there like the two ronnies :biglaugh:) Dont worries I am checking out all the local coffee shops to find the perfect one for us :wink: Enjoy your meet up in bluewater xxxx
  12. Will pm you my number xxxx
  13. Great post Michelle xx Yes you are right we are good friends and long may it continue and hurry up and get to Oz had to have coffee and sushi all alone on friday !!! Hope you feel gulity now :biglaugh: Jo let me know if you need any help when you come for your reccie xxx Em x Drinking coffee without my Michelles :shocked: