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  1. cassy

    Mechanic's tool box?

    Its my Son's friend who is in the UK, Yes it soes seperate, not sure about the castors though... Thanks
  2. Hi there, wondering if anyone can suggest the cheapest way to send a mechanic's tool box to Brisbane? It weigh's approx 300kg and measure's 2mx1.5mx1.5m. Thanks in advance
  3. cassy

    Moving back to uk from perth in 1 month

    Could have written that myself Hayley!!!! I wish you and yours the very best of luck back home in blighty xxxx
  4. cassy

    Moving back to uk from perth in 1 month

    Agree with you there, BUT its not for everyone and it depends on what trade you are in. Totally agree with the op about the cost of living... My hubby is a tradie and we are worse off financially.. And if people did not want to hear these things, dont read the post's.
  5. After living here (WA) in extreme weather conditions, too hot to do anything, so still pay 'fecking' money for entertainment... but may I add, not eating out .... too fecking expensive
  6. cassy

    Is it worth spending life savings to get to Australia?

    Not saying we are unemployed, just worse off financially
  7. cassy

    Is it worth spending life savings to get to Australia?

    Ok dont come to WA we are worse off
  8. cassy

    Is it worth spending life savings to get to Australia?

    Oh and forgot to add the answer to your original question ' is it worth spending your life savings to get to australia' one word.....NO
  9. cassy

    Is it worth spending life savings to get to Australia?

    If you are planning to come to WA, get oh to get a job 1st... My oh is a carpenter/joiner and he is fitting aliminuim windows !!! Also do your research on cost of living .... you will be shocked
  10. cassy

    Goodbye aus

    Good luck and look forward to reading your updates xx
  11. I know exactly how you feel, but your situation is a little worse as I have our 11yr old with us. My 3 kids from a previous marriage, 34,30 and 26 are back in the UK and I know they are all grown ups but I cant describe the feeling of missing them. And then this eve thought I would skype them (which we do most weekends) and the buggars are all busy! Good to know I am not always in their thoughts though. Our 11 yr old is fine, made lots of friends and is always busy. I would go home tomorrow, and so would my OH for different reasons, but we are going to give it a couple of yrs (9mths in) for the sake of our daughter... and my sister is visiting Oct then my daughter xmas, so have to stay for them.. It does'nt matter how old your kids are, you will always be their Mom.. The very best of luck with whatever you decide to do, and who knows, when your son visits he may fall in love with the place. xx
  12. cassy

    Not returning home now

    Menlow4, Feel for you, really know where you are coming from. I am in Mandurah, so if you fancy a coffee and a chat, give us a shout. Good luck with everything, x
  13. cassy

    Claiming tax back on a new car??

    Thanks Jim a great help.. will get on the case because I am on foot and public transport at the moment.. he has my car ha ha
  14. cassy

    Claiming tax back on a new car??

    Hi Jim, yes he is self employed, has an ABN but not gst registered, was advised not to do it, cause there is only him...
  15. Hi all, was wondering if anyone knows if you can claim tax back when you buy a new car? My oh will use it for work. Have been on the goverment site but I am sooooo bamboozled (not the brightest light bulb lol) Thanks in advance