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    Melbourne mums and dads!

    Hi Nicola! Would love to meet up sometime, I usually have the nipper in tow as he doesn't attend any kind of day care or anything yet, but if that doesn't put you off let me know when you would like to catch up:)
  2. Hi all! So long and short is that we are from the Uk, lived in Sydney, returned to Europe and are now in Melbourne. We have a nipper in tow-3 years old and it makes it so much harder to get out and socialise and build some friendships and support networks. If anyone out there is in the same boat as us, would like some new friends for themselves and their little ones please drop us a line. We are in South Yarra and are eager to have some fun, laughs and babysitting swaps maybe!!!
  3. twinkle

    Meet fun people!

    oops, pressed post a bit quick, I meant to say that I hope it's not anything too bad or stressful and to yell if you need a hand:)
  4. twinkle

    Meet fun people!

    Seems lots of people can not make Friday night so I propose we postpone it and try again for another night.... no probs though people, we will get there in the end!
  5. twinkle

    Meet fun people!

    Great, welcome to you too! Lets give the other guys a bit longer to reply and if they don't we can just decide on what we want to do anyway! I am CBD/ Surry hills based so am easy with location, city end is looking promising for all of us currently!
  6. twinkle

    Meet fun people!

    Ok, we need to get some get together going here or we will never end up doing it! Shall we try to get a little gaggle together next week- Friday?! 8th of May.. I am open to suggestions as to where people would like to meet, somewhere were we can chat would be a good bet seeing as we don't know each other yet I reckon. If no one has a preference I will put my tuppenny worth in! All welcome, let me know your thoughts, ciao for now:)
  7. twinkle

    Meet fun people!

    definitely Michelle, and welcome! I have had a stinking cold and then been a bit slack in organising something but I need to get back into the swing of things...watch this space! Tara
  8. twinkle

    Swapping employers on a 457 and lahfa

    My hubby has changed employers while on a 457 twice, as long as it is all done within the time frame( that is if you have quit your job and then have 28 days to find a new sponsoring employer) and you keep immigration in the loop it's fine. He gets LAHFA too, the new employers did not know what it was but were soon educated about it! Shouldn't be any problem for you then I shouldn't think.
  9. Hi Sophie, definitely you should come and meet up with us when we get together. I have gotten over the Shingles but now have a stinking cold! as soon as that is gone I will organise another little get together, it would be great to meet you, the more the merrier! Hope your sinuses start to feel better, and hope to meet you soon, Ciao for now Tara:)
  10. Hi Guys, well my shingles are definitely on the mend and so I am ready to face the world again! I am eager to meet you guys( those I haven't met already) so we should make a date! I am thinking maybe next week sometime, maybe Thursday or Friday, depending on what people prefer. We could do a cafe or bar again depending on what people prefer... my thoughts are meet at the Falconer on Oxford Street about 6.30/7pm, we can have coffee or alcohol there, eat or not, it's got a nice atmosphere but it is quiet enough to chat. I am open to all suggestions though so any ideas, thoughts, pearls of wisdom welcome! hope to hear from you soon, ciao for now Tara:)
  11. twinkle

    Nursery Nurse

    Hi, I too have an NNEB and am currently living in NSW. Our qualification is not recognised here in Australia and I have found it very hard to get work in the industry other than an un-qualified! I am a bit offended by this, considering i have 16 years experience in early years and education. You can have your qualification 'translated', they will assess your history and attempt to give you an equivalent, although I have not done this as I am thinking about retraining anyway. I have managed to find work but it has not been easy, hope this helps, if you have any more questions I will try to answer them - good luck:) Key Contacts Assessing Authorities State Legal Admission Authorities DIAC – Department of Immigration and Citizenship Department of Immigration & Citizenship PO Box 25 BELCONNEN ACT 2616 AUSTRALIA Phone 61 2 6264 1111 Fax 61 2 6264 2747 Web-site Department of Immigration & Citizenship AEI-NOOSR - National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition AEI-NOOSR International Education Group Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations GPO Box 1407 CANBERRA ACT 2601 AUSTRALIA Phone 1300 363 079 (in Australia) +61 3 8341 3611 (outside Australia) Fax 61 2 6240 7644 (outside Australia) E-mail educational.noosr@deewr.gov.au Web-site aei.gov.au/AEI/QualificationsRecognition/Default.htm
  12. twinkle


    I use skype to chat, much quicker and more responsive. You can chat in type or talk like you are on the phone, voice to voice. If you, and they have a camera and both join ( it is free to join) it is a free call plus you can see each other. just do a google search and register. it can also be used to call any land line at a much cheaper price than a regular phone call. hope this helps
  13. twinkle

    Meet fun people!

    most definitely, we are actually trying to get a little gaggle together for this coming Wednesday, we placed an ad on Gumtree which I will put below, hope you can make it, if not I will keep you in the loop for the next one, kind regards, Tara:) here is the ad: New to Sydney? Looking for some relatively interesting people to drink with and talk to? Yay, us too! Well, that's a slight lie - we've been here 2 years, but who cares, we still want to meet new people, both Ex-Pats and Australians alike. We'll try and sort this once a month to keep it regular, but there's no pressure. Bring some friends if you like, the more the merrier! Wednesday 1st April, NSW Gallery Bar (in the gallery), The Domain, Syndey. We'll be there from about 6.30pm. Steve is ginger and usually noisy, Tara is rather short. Email us if you want more details, otherwise, see you there! S&T us@monkeychops.com
  14. twinkle

    move back?

    Just to add my two penny worth... I never realised how lonely it would be moving to the other side of the world, I have been here nearly 2 years and still not a day goes by without me thinking about going home. I do wonder though whether we wear rose tinted glasses about 'home' and what that means? I know I definitely have them on, I recently had to back home for a funeral and as much as it was great to meet up with all those friends and relatives that you miss, I still hated all the things I hated before, the things that made me leave in the first place. I think many of us feel like we are going to find Utopia and when reality hits it's a shock. Luckily hubby and I have grown closer through our troubles here, no further apart but it has definitely been an uphill struggle and continues to be so. We have had to try and replace those people that are your support network and that doesn't happen overnight, it's fine when life is fun and dandy but when it's not that is when it's really tough. I think we have come to accept the fact that we have to really work at developing friendships, you have to put your neck on the line and keep trying. When we first got here we were really proactive in finding friends, so many of them have left for other places and so the cycle begins again. But life is about the journey not the final destination, we are trying to enjoy it as much as we can while we are here, who knows how long that will be, that's the fun bit. Good luck and follow your heart
  15. twinkle

    Meet fun people!

    ok, will do! I will add you to my friends list and will let you know when the next one is going to be, ciao for now:)