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  1. steve/helen


    hi there is there anyone looking for a solar installer in qld,i have 3+years in the game and know all the rules thanks
  2. hi there are you looking for any installers i have 3+years experience,i know all the rules and my work is very tidy,and very good with dealing with custormers thanks steve
  3. steve/helen

    farm work

    anywere will begood
  4. steve/helen

    farm work

    does anyone know of any good farms to work on to get an extra year in qld thanks
  5. steve/helen

    visa agent

    What is a good visa company on the gold coast to deal with sponsor visa thanks
  6. steve/helen

    sponsor visa

    I am trying to sponsor someone can anyone help .im an electrician
  7. steve/helen

    Being a sponsor

    I am trying to sponsor someone can anyone help on the best way of doing it. im an electrician thanks
  8. steve/helen

    Help with visa

    try visa plus we used them and they got us to oz
  9. steve/helen

    upper coomera state college

    Thankyou for the replies,sorry for getting back to you so long after you have posted but i haven't had internet for a while.Thankyou for all the information on ucsc it sounds like you are very happy there.I will definitetly have a look at UCSC and Pacific pines.
  10. steve/helen

    simonds builders

    Thanks Kate:cute:
  11. steve/helen

    simonds builders

    Is anyone building with Simonds builders?If you are please could you pm me.Thanks Helen
  12. steve/helen

    upper coomera state college

    Has anyone got children in upper coomera state college?Are you happy with the school?Ive had a few negative comments about the school but these are from people who dont have children at the school,so i would be interested to hear any comments (good or bad)from people who do have children at this school .I will be moving to Riverstone crossing in Mausland later in the year and this school is in the catchment area.many thanks for any help Helen:wubclub:
  13. steve/helen

    job agency

    Hi ,Does anyone know of any good job agencies that are good for trades people.My husband is an electrician looking for work on the Gold coast.Many thanks for any help Helen:cute:
  14. steve/helen

    Eba electrical companies

    Hi are there any electricians working for an eba company in Queensland.My husband is trying to find work with an eba company and would appreciate any contact details.He has a queensland licence.Many thanks for any help.Helen:wubclub:
  15. steve/helen

    Increase in home owner grant

    It would be great if we got the extra,ive still got to find the money for my drive,fencing etc as it would have gone over my morgage limit.This extra would solve all my problems x