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  1. https://carsales.mobi/cars/details/Mitsubishi-Lancer-2009/SSE-AD-3978050
  2. https://carsales.mobi/cars/details/Mitsubishi-Lancer-2009/SSE-AD-3978050 Excellent condition willing to drive it to Brisbane airport for anyone emigrating or a local hotel. Well cared for 2 owners recently serviced, RWC, Rego till Sept.
  3. Hi thanks so much for your reply. I have no idea where you are a ill google it tho i am so new to the area but will google you. I am trying to get to local playgroups and churches and it seems this area does not have many brits i think they all go mango hill way or gold coast. Do miss friends so great to meet if we could find each otherx.
  4. Anyone up for coffee and park days out with the kids
  5. Hi we have just arrived from the uk. I have two toddlers age 3 and 1 i need to link with mums in the area. My boys need friends to as we left our loved ones behind. so d be a stay at home mum for quite some time. We are in middle park near jindlee sinnomon and oxley area. I need a park and a coffee buddy ideally with kids. Please get in touch
  6. Hi we already have visas, ideally wish to move to Brisbane or Melbourne where could we email CV's to Hubby is Senior IT Network Analyst and I am in Human Resources. Many Thanks
  7. SBREW

    Need a 4x4

    Hi we are selling our 4x4 we live near hoppers crossing, if anyone is looking for a car when they arrive check out the ad. Put up for sale today geniune reason for sale. Ford Escape XLT on Trading Post Used & New Cars for Sale - Find Car Sales, Caravans & Motorbikes – cars, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Holden, Mercedes, Suzuki, BMW and Ford at low prices.
  8. Hey, I was wondering if anybody is living close to Tarneit in Melbourne, We arrived in January and I suddenly found out that I am pregnant just last week, my plan was to get a little job and make friends that way with my hubby in work full time, if anyone is living around this area let me know. It would be great to find a few lady mates who are home in the day to catch up with to. Its our first ever pregnancy and we have a few friends but it would be good to get to know a lot more people. Myself and my hubby are in our mid 30's and he is in IT, I used to do some kickboxing back home to keep fit, I love Swimming, Tennis most sports, not that I am fit these days! But its in my plan. My hubby is a very kean mountain biker so is looking for people with simular interests to join him to cycle the Yu Yangs. We are laid back people, we enjoy meals out and we enjoy things like the cinema, and nights in with a movie and a meal. This is beginning to sound like a singles ad so I will stop now LOL! We are from Wales, and would welcome mates of any ages. I am really missing my friends and family back home, mainly my Mum, but we had such a large network of people in the UK, now we have about 4 friends which I am so greatful to have but more would be nice. Thanks Sarah
  9. SBREW

    Advice please on Visa's on way over

    Thanks for the advice and for the bump lol! I hope someone knows, not sure who else to ask, maybe we will have to do Melbourne first and payout to be safe rather than sorry.
  10. SBREW

    Advice please on Visa's on way over

    Anyone know we could really do with the advice Thanks
  11. Same issue, hubbys car Honda Accord 54plate 1 owner brand new purchased for 17k, put it on Autotrader offered 5k then 5.2k ahhhh! Thankfully a family member helped us out and brought it for 6k but boy that car is worth around 8/9k in Oz we even considered shipping with us, but as the house wont sell either had to rent it out we would be left high and dry on money. Please god let us win the lottory this week or someone give us 10k, were supposed to be going with house sale 100k and 2 cars but now no house sale and 6k for the car, these are hard times, very hard
  12. I wonder if anyone can answer this for me. We have a 176 Visa, for Victoria Melbourne, we are flying out of London to Cairns (Holidaying there for 8/10days) then flying from Cairns to Auckland New Zealand for Christmas, then flying into Melbourne new year. Obviously we need to activate the 176 visa, will we need a travel visa for cairns? If so will this void our 176 visa or affect it in anyway? I assume we need another travel visa for Auckland also, same question will that affect the 176? Should we play safe and go straight to Melbourne activate then go on from there? Cost more of cause!
  13. SBREW

    Oz put on the back burner!

    Well we were going to sell our house around 6 months ago, 227k the agent quoted us then, but we were waiting on the visa and I said hang on to the hubby be secure we have the visa first, put it up 4sale 2 months ago as the visa arrived, 222k its been 2 months now and not 1 single person has viewed it!! Our dream was take our money and restart with 80/90k, we have had to choose stay here wasting another year away or gamble by rentig the house and taking 10k savings + car sale money, the dream was a nice big house and a nice car, the reality now is a rented home and an old banger until the hubby gets a job. I did say to my husband last night our dream has turned into a nightmare, we are gambling our livelyhood, but I suppose you only live once dont you! Scary though, Even looked to remotgage the house for extra cash but we have to pay these fees they have introduced. I am sure it will work out but not quite the dream we hoped for. Maybe in 2 years the house will have sold and we can start living as it should have been?
  14. SBREW

    2.59 Locked in the rate Today

    Oh yes I am not recommending anyone use HIFX or even lock in at a specific rate as it may go up or down today tomorrow but if you see the rate we have and are happy and want to do the same the number we used today is - 01753859159
  15. :arghh:Hi All, Just to update you we just locked in a rate with HIFX today at 2.59 not sure if this is usefull information for anyone waiting 1k (10%) secures 10k at 2.59.:jiggy: