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  1. Bladder


    Any Subbuteo guys out there looking to join Brisbane Subbuteo Club, please contact me or go to the website www.brisbanesubbuteo.org We have half a dozen or so ex pats as members, nothing too serious, so if you have played before, or just fancy coming along and having a look, we're a friendly bunch, and welcome newbies.......
  2. Bladder

    Acreage near Melbourne?

    Thanks guys, we will look into it
  3. Bladder

    Acreage near Melbourne?

    We have been living in Qld for 5 years, but now bored of surf culture. We regularly visit Melbourne to get a taste of the real world and are seriously considering a move. We would really need some land, an acre or two would be great. How far out from city would we need to go and what areas should be looked into? We dont want too rural as we have a 12yr old and want her to have friends nearby, and school too. We love Melbourne for its culture, options, diversity, and having spent 5 yrs here where its quite 'backward' in peoples ideologies, gender dynamics, attitudes to anything different, we hope we can find what we are looking for within 45 mins of Melbourne. Please help with suburbs for us to check out.
  4. Bladder


    I started the thread yonks ago and still don't have anyone to play with...... Glad a few of you are meeting others though!
  5. Bladder

    Learning to Drive - The Queensland Way?

    To drive in Queensland be prepared for being undertaken on highway, cars weaving across lanes at high speed, nobody letting you out of a side street, nobody thanking you for letting them in..... People here are very polite and courtious, but on the road they are the opposite, a complete reversal of UK!!!!
  6. Hey, I am in need of extra bods for a job in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast. You must be tool equipt and experienced at metal stud partitions, and some ali frames, also suspended ceilings. Immediate start, need help quickly!
  7. Hey, anyone who is looking for work in suspended ceilings and partitioning, metal framers, I am in need of extra bods at a job in Maroochydore. Must be tool equipt and experienced. Immediate start. HELP!!!!!!!
  8. Bladder

    Indian food Brisbane

    We have been here for three and a half years and tried many curry houses in hope, but all have been a big let down, sorry but its just not happening over here. That said, I have recently found the best of the bunch, its at Birkdale which is south side near cappalaba/Cleveland, the place is called Spice Avenue, its a propper curry house for Wolverhampton, they have moved here chefs an all and its very good!!! Also in the same precinct just a few doors down is Chumley Warners propper English Chippy and that really is the bizzo!!!!!! Also there is an English shop selling all our bits n bobs like choccy, crisps, drinks etc. Birkdale is definately worth a trip as it ticks the food boxes for us all (especially the chippy). ENJOY!!!!!!!!
  9. Hey all, any newbies between Sunny Coast down to Brizzy who are experienced suspended ceiling/partition fixers, or plasterers, get in touch as I will need extra bods soon, busy busy!
  10. Bladder


    Great! If anyone wants to arrange a game, p.m me and we can sort it out.
  11. Bladder


    Call for any big kids!!! We have been in Oz for 2yrs now, and I am just entering my mid-life crisis. I love it to bits here, but need someone to play with. I'm approaching 40 going on 7 or 8. I have just got my subbuteo stuff out of a box which I brought over from UK (where it was also in a box for the previous 10 years), and I want to form either a mini league, or just a sociable games night. I know its a bit sad, but if this is the extent of my mid-life crisis, my missus will be dead chuffed! I've also got table tennis, darts, etc I live on the Sunshine Coast, so if there is anyone nearby, or who doesn't mind travelling here, let me know.
  12. Bladder

    Any Fibrous Plasterers out there?

    I used Immigration Downunder, they were brilliant, ask for Jan, she did mine. I too had site experience only, nearly 20 years , TRA need docs of evidence. Google Immigration Downunder, they are based in Bath, but its all done with phone and post, so its easy, I highly reccommend them to all!
  13. Bladder

    WARNING - Aussie food

    Tesco's infiltrating Australia??? Coles and Woolworths have the supermarket industry firmly in their grasp and have cornered the market, we have hardly any other serious choice. Uk has Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Safeway? ......... Competition would be good, and variety even better. As for the comment of better fruit and veggies here, ok, great, still buy them from the local grocer, supermarket or market, regardless of what you might think of Tesco as a corperation, they do provide a good service, and plenty of choice, which is something that is really lacking here. It doesn't have to be ready meals either, but as a working family, its not always easy to come home from work, and start knocking up something with raw ingredients, then cook. I'm not talking microwave meals here, just meat alternatives. I would love to have quorn, this could be added to many meals as a meat substitute, and tastes good, and texture is good,they do have tofu, but its not great. I would also like some vegetarian pate, ask for that here and you get a pattie, different thing altogether. Sandwich fillings etc, all in English supermarkets, and Holland and Barratt, but it is so far behind in terms of catering for people with special dietary requirements. If you are a man and vegetarian here, you are a girl, if you are a woman, you are weird, and if you are under 18, you will grow out of the phase soon! Unfortunately this does seem to be the attitude of so many. If that last remark seems a little sweeping, I appologise, but really, its not an easy place to enjoy a variety of foods which are meat substitutes. I know their are vegetables, and fruit, my main point here is the lack of soya, meat free products.
  14. Bladder

    Any Fibrous Plasterers out there?

    I am an hour and a half from Brisbane, but I do know that if you can tape and joint, you are classed as a plasterer here, and you will have as much work as you want. Pricework is around $4sqm.
  15. Bladder

    Fibrous Plasterer

    I am a fibrous plasterer/ceiling fixer living on Sunshine Coast. I have no formal qualifications for this trade, but do have 18 years experience, I left school and walked into it. TRA was a bit of hassle, but agency really helped. I am now trying to start up on my own, but need to get a licence for trade contractors, which means another skills assessment, and a business management course. There is tons of work here, but more basic than UK. Ceilings are often 1200x600 lay in plasterboard tiles, and if you are doing partitions, its metal stud, and they use sheeters to come and fix boards and set joints. Basically, if you can tape & joint, you are a plasterer here, thats all they do, (unless solid render outside), and you will always find work. Guys setting where I am get $4 sqm. Sheeters also get $4 sqm Hope this helps.