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  1. http://caralliance.au.com/carvalue.html Have a look at this! I knew the cost of a BMW was expensive in Aus but not double the price of the US! Buy one in the States for Gods sake and import it. Lets send a message to the Aussie Car dealers they have had it good for far too long. What a bunch of sh%^$. They try to justify themselves by saying the cars are specced up. BULL!! I just bought a BMW:arghh:
  2. immy21

    Migrate why do people

    I have not had a parking ticket in 2 years! My daughter goes to private school and we don't need an investment trust to pay for it. Better weather is a stimulas to get outside and get fit! I have a permanent sun tan. I have a swimming pool. I have a house twice the size of my UK house! I don't worry about my house being burgled! I don't feel intimidated walking down the high street late at night. I have not seen a fight in a pub in Australia. Political correctness does not stifle progress! The Police are tough in Aus which is how they should be! People have a 'can do' attitiude here! The parks are clean. Graffitti is reported and removed immediatly. People are more consientious citizens! Petrol is a third cheaper! I don't miss the UK, it has become a weak mongrel nation, so afraid of offending anyone that nothing ever happens, pathetic really!
  3. I am in Australia already as a temporary 4 year visa (165 class) Investor. This visa requires me to lodge a deposit with Queensland Govt for a period of 4 years at which point I can then apply for a permanent visa. Today It has been mentioned to me that I could ask my employer to sponser me for a permanent visa. A process which may take only a few months, enable me to get my bond money back and then in turn sponser my mother to come over from France after I have held this permanent visa for a year? Any comments gratefully accepted! Andrew.
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    To buy now or wait?

    . A good investment is one where there is a reasonable rate of return, minimal risk of your asset losing money, low ongoing costs of holding the asset, and easy disposal of the asset. A house ticks none of these boxes. Ergh rubbish mate! some of the richest people on the planet are in this position simply from doing what you say is impossible A house IS a financial vehicle producing a 'reasonable rate of return' with 'minimal risk of your asset losing money' 'low on going costs of holding the asset' and 'easy disposal' in fact a house ticks ALL of these boxes (as an investment!) put it another way money in the bank is easily spent, money in a property is more difficult to get hold of and if you are disiplined and not many people are! you can watch your assets grow by hundreds of percent over the long term. By riding the inevitable boom bust cycle ( a cycle which is hundreds of years old and as constant as night and day) you can time your property investments to make substantial gains with little effort. The stock market has done nothing since 2000 when the dot com bubble burst, property on the other hand has!
  5. Try telling some one in 1997 that prices are about to crash, people did! Where are they now and where will they be in 2017 Always higher! Property is long term, 5 to 10 years. If the 'bubble' does burst it would have recoved within this time. If however it too much of a risk to you rent instead
  6. please can anyone offer advise? My Mother lives abroad (France) she is the only family member nw outside Australia. I have a business temporary visa my Brother has a premanet visa and now has been here 1 year. What can we do to bring Mum over and what will it cost? Thanks in advance Andrew
  7. I'm an agent in Queensland I get fed up too by the constant sniping often made by people who have never bought or sold have no expeience of Estate Agents but re gurgitate the All Estate Agents bad garbage. I showed a women round a property on Friday night in the pouring rain for an hour was as helpful and friendly as anyone could be. She contacted another agent on Saturday morning as she had 'dealings with her in the past' and made an offer through this agent on a property had introduced to her!!! Back stabbing or what. My time, my petrol, my effort. I would have understood if she did n't like me or something but we had a good relationship. I have many more examples of how the public behave when property is involved and all too often the messenge is blamed!!
  8. 1, Actually EA's do answer to someone, that is the public, a poor reputation kills EA's quickly, it also restricts your earning potential dramatically. 2, Agents that do not belong to the Ombudsmen Scheme are avoided by the public fact! If you had a legitamate complaint rather than a concocted hyped up winge then trading standards will fine or disqualify agents. Clearly you had no serious complaint!! These guys love to punish agents!!! 3, I have sold my properties through my own agency fully declaring my ownership if I had not I could have been hauled over the coals by both the ombudsmen and trading standards. Agents don't risk it. I'm no saying it has not happened and of course you reserve the right to make a sweeping generalisation based upon rare occurances. still on the ALL ESTATE AGENTS BAD bandwagon formulate your own opinion don't follow the crowd! Tell you what if your coming to Australia you will think UK estate agents are pussy cats compared to their Aussie counterparts good luck! Oh and the regulatory board is softer than the UK!
  9. 24 TASKE RISE PACIFIC PINES Anyone looking for a really good rental property in Pacific Pines should come next Sunday at 11.30am until 12 to an open home. If you want a big house with a pool a view and big entertaining deck this should be top of your list.
  10. This is why you are all coming to Australia to get away from the stinking hole that the UK has become! It ain't perfect over here but it make Great Britain look primitive!
  11. 6 months initially! from 3rd of July Regards
  12. 24 TASKE RISE PACIFIC PINES updated photos!!
  13. Hi Lesley we are staying in Pac Pines it has everything we need/ want in terms of location and comfort of living. We are moving up to the top of Hillary Circuit so am pleased about that!! stunning views up towards Coomera etc...
  14. your kidding!! you know it's a good house then great views! Andrew
  15. 24 TASKE RISE PACIFIC PINES This is the link the pictures don't do it justice so will send current pics to anyone interested Regards Andrew