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Forum Downtime

This announcement is no longer active


Apologies for the prolonged forum downtime, especially if you didn't get chance to read the announcement before the site went offline.

To recap, following the death of my wife (The Pom Queen) last year and my health & financial issues, the forum running costs were prohibitive.

As such, on the 23rd March I took full backup of the forum (before it was cut off on the 24th) in the hope of moving it to a cloud based host which would be considerably cheaper.

Although it's been a while, I'm happy to report that the forum is now back online and is being hosted by the company that makes the forum software.

As part of the move, the forum software has also been updated to the latest version. 

**There's still lots of background tasks running which will take a several hours, so the forum will be slow until those jobs have finished.

Also, there’s still things that need setting up yet, such as email notifications, 2 Factor Authentication and other bits and pieces, so please bear with me while I work though them.

All the best

Robert (Admin)

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