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Guest Power91

Contributory parent visa 173

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Guest Power91

my sister is a permanent residence of australia.. i live in australia as a fulltime student

about a year ago my sister applied for my parents permanent residency as a Contributory Parent Visa permanent 173

now immigration has asked for my parents medicals and Police clearance

they have also asked my medicals and police clearence

The question is why are they asking my medical and police check when i wasnt even included in application??

does it mean im getting permanent too because of im dependent on my parents for my fee etc???

and how long more does it take once you have given medicals and police checkss already been 15 months.


Answers in details would be highly appreciated

thanks guys !!!

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Welcome to PIO.


Unless you are included as a migrating member on your parents visa, then no you wont be getting PR too.


It sounds like you have been listed as NON-migrating dependent, an as you are a dependent you are required to have medical and PCC done incase the sponsor you for child 101 visa (can sponsor up to age 25) in future as there is a health wavier provision with this visa.


If they are asking for medicals and police checks the grant shouldnt take alot longer due to the fact that medicals and PCC are only valid for 1 year.

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