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Does anybody know how long it normally takes to be assigned a CO under RSMS (119 offshore)?


I understand that there's no DRC is existing but I really wanna know how far away my application is being assessed.




18/10/2011: nomination lodged at Immi SA

22/12/2011: nomination approved by Immi SA

24/01/2012: nomination lodged at DIAC

Now still waiting for CO.......


<119 Offshore, Non-DRC, Melbourne>

RCB Certified: 10/12/2011; Nomination Lodged: 24/01/2012; Application Lodged: 27/06/2012; Nomination Approved: 31/10/2012; Medical Check Requested: 31/10/2012; DIAC Pre-Decision Letter: 27/11/2012; Leaving Australia: 23/12/2012; Visa Granted: 24/12/2012

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