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Recommendations on what to bring??

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Hey everyone,


We have the shipping company coming on the 2nd April to pack all of our belongings for shipping to Melbourne.


I wanted to check with everyone if there are any things in particular that I should buy here in the UK to bring over. I've been thinking of buying some new bedding, a new microwave (as the one I have is really old), cutelry etc etc.


Just wondering if it is worth buying anything else really - perhaps there are certain things in Oz that are really expensive??


Welcome your views on this?





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Everything seems expensive if you are buying it with £££ because of the exchange rate. When you are earning dollars and spending dollars it isn't as bad.


I wouldn't bother with a microwave unless you can be sure the guarantee is worldwide (unlikely).


Also think about when you will need things as the container will take a while to get to you. I know they say 7-9 weeks BUT I would work on 11-13 weeks plus 2 for clearing customs and arranging delivery. At least if arrives early it will be a nice surprise, and some do get it quickly. It doesn't take that long for the ship to go from A-B, but your container has to be taken to a dock and loaded. The ship won't sail until it is full, that could be a week then it may well stop off en route for drop offs etc. They always tell you the fastest possible timescale.

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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If you are shipping your beds then I'd invest in some new bedding and ship that if you need it. Aus beds are slightly different sizing and therefore so is the bed linen. Yes it can stretch if you buy fitted sheets, but honestly, nothing worse than a fitted sheet being hard work to get on a bed or keep pinging off.


I'd wait till you are in Aus and buy a new microwave there. Seems daft to buy new, pay to ship it and not have it there till a good couple of months after you arrive. Buying new there means you can have it from day 1 and be sorted. And not pay the shipping costs.

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