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Guest MurphsAndMaya

HORSE RIDING in Melbourne

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Guest MurphsAndMaya

Hi everyone,


just wondering whether there is anyone out there, like-minded and in love with horses who knows either


a.) a good and accessible place to go and ride (living close to the CBD and currently still without a car)




b.) anyone who has a horse/s and needs an extra pair of hands to help over a random weekend here and there (or regularly - whichever suits you best).


I've ridden pretty much all my life and am just looking to get back into the saddle - whether just for fun or perhaps even compete if someone needs their horse taken on a little.


It's a long shot, but thought I'd post my interest on here and see if anyone can help.


Many thanks!!!

Maya :wub:

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Hi - I know your post is a couple of months old but I was just wondering if you found anywhwere to ride? I am looking for the same thing. Grew up riding and competing and have found horses to ride in the rest of Aus but just moved to Melbourne. Would be great to hear if you found anywhere good.


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