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175 or 885?!? How hard do they make it knowing which one?

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Hi all


I'm currently in Aus on a 457 visa. I want to apply for PR in the near future but dont know which one to choose.


On the immi website, when I click on GSM - Independent visa options, then "in Australia" it comes up with visa 885. But I dont fit into any of the categories it stipulates.


So the only other one is the 175 but that only comes up if I click "Outside Australia" which I'm not!


So what do I do? Please help :o(


Thank you

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You can apply for the 175 whilst in Australia if you qualify. It is an offshore visa though so you must be outside Australia for it to be granted. The Government likes to keep it simple!


Basically if you are assessed and qualify you will get a notification to leave Oz for the grant, most people hop over to New Zealand or Bali for a short holiday and the visa is granted to you whilst you are there. The act of returning to oz then validates the visa.


Try searching '175 onshore' I'm sure people on here have done this before.

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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