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Guest jenny4nails

Deciding which state to live?!

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Guest jenny4nails

Hi there guys, I'm new to this forum, I'm hoping some of you can offer us some words of wisdom/experience.


Me and my husband (both mid-thirties, with no children) are just starting the process of applying for an independent skilled worker visa - husband has scored 120 pts - he's a bricklayer.


I'm a nail technician with 15 yrs experience but also have my qualifications in RSA II word processing and NVQ III - business/administration ....don't know if that'll be recognised in Australia?


We are researching which areas would be affordable for us and easier to find building work for my husband. Just wondering the availability of building work, which areas are saturated with builders (places to avoid...I'm guessing Sydney?!)


If my husband got a job as a builder and I worked part-time as a nail-tech or in an office, would this income give us a decent standard of living compared to the cost of living over there?


I am thinking the Perth area/suburbs (been there twice ...but this was 15 years ago!!!) But liked the feeling of the place - quiet suburbia, nice markets, beaches, coffee shops etc.


Me and my husband got married in Palm Cove QLD 2 years ago, and travelled from Cairns to Brisbane....my husband is thinking more Cairns area to relocate to? Although I really liked this area too, we didn't have that much time to look around the suburbs, we were there on our honeymoon and did touristy things and saw touristy places.


My concerns for this area would be the humidity and tropical-ness of the place....I thought about areas more south...towards Noosa/sunshine coast areas being a better place for us?.


We are hoping to bring £150,000 GBP with us, is this a realistic amount to have to set us up with a 2 or 3 bed home (didn't want a mortgage more than $100,000 AUD or £65,000 GBP) and to get us a decent car and get us started?


We are shipping over our sofas/bed/garden furniture as it's all brand new.


Any considerations on areas we should be thinking about in relation to our 3 dogs??? (cavalier king charles spaniels) - I've got images of the dogs being out in the garden and chasing snakes or big spiders if we are in the tropics!! ha ha.


Any info. ideas would be greatly appreciated, we are pretty open to ideas.


We are hoping a life in Australia will give us a better quality in relation to being able to go walking together with our dogs, picnics, BBQs etc. We are not city types, but I do like shopping...so didn't want to be too far away from the necessaties.


If anyone can offer their expereince or words of wisdom, please let me know :v_SPIN:


Many thanks in advance



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Hiya He wouldnt struggle finding work in brisbane especially south,,have a look at AllJobs.com.au - Search for Jobs in Australia and see where the work is.Also have a look at Real Estate | Homes for Sale | Houses for Sale |RealEstate | REALTORs | Real Estate Agent for property prices as this may help you narrow down areas.Around here prices start around $300,000 for a 3 /4 bed house.good luck its a hard choice

Cal x

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place...

If you get a chance,take it, If it changes your life,let it. Nobody said it would be easy they just said it would be worth it...

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Guest kdal

Hi Jenny


Just read your post and thought I would reply so that it pushes it back to the top for a while for you. Unfortunately I am not in Australia yet so cant help out with all the questions you have.


We are looking at Brisbane way as my cousin lives there, we also have 2 boys 16 and 14 and if they moved to Aus this is where they wanted to be - So thats where we are heading. However I loved Adelaide and reading your post I think you would love it there too. Houses are still affordable and there is lots of space there and new builds going on, my sister has just opened an indoor play centre there so there is still room for new business's, reckon your nail tech work would go down a treat there! Lots of beautiful parks to walk your dogs and not to mention the lovely beaches (which I know most of Oz has anyway).


Adelaides weather is lovely they do have seasons but it doesn't get as cold and miserable as it gets here and they also have glorious summers, whereas as you say Queensland you do get the humidity. Melbourne is lovely too and was properly for me in the middle of Adelaide and Queensland - whereas Adelaide lovely and quaint in its ways and Queensland much bigger than I expected then you had Melbourne sort of sitting in the middle of the two. Melbourne has seasons too but the weather can get really cold, my cousin lives there but is now moving to Darwin as Melbourne is far to cold for her Ozzie born husband!!



Queensland and Perth are becoming very expensive for property, have you checked out the following link

Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - realestate.com.au


Its worth putting in the amount of money you are willing to pay and see what comes up in your chosen areas.



Good Luck with your decision



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Guest Pingpongpom

Hi Jenny..welcome to PIO..i'm sure there are plenty of peeps who can give you the info you need..i can only comment on the Perth side of things as i love this area of Aus and think that if you are not city type of people but need the odd spree of retail therapy then Perth has this to offer..it is a small city but so laid back and relaxed as well..i have also lived in Sydney but even though an amazing city with lots to offer it was not for me..it is such a personal choice..for me Perth offers a mixture of lots of things i like and has a 'feel good' factor..good luck with whatever you decide..


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Guest kdal

Hey looks like Cal beat me to it, by pushing her button first , I was too busy gabbling on LOL

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Guest dannyboy



I would say try Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Sydney is expensive and is a little too much like London for me (having working and lived in London it reminds me of that). Melbourne has a lot more culture than some of the other cities. Brisbane is fairly small and everytime I've been there everything seems to close up at 10pm. The only problem is with Melbourne and Vic is that the housing is dear (we live in Hampton around 20 mins from the CBD) and it's expensive but we have the beach and bars next to us without driving. If you don't have kids then Melbourne has more to offer in terms of nightlife than some other cities (ie bars and clubs). Melbourne is the fasted growing city in Oz and by 2010 will have overtaken Sydney! It's also very european in design and culture.


The job market in Vic is very good in terms of both normal office work and building trade. I have an ozzie cousin that builds pits on new housing estates and he is overloaded with work, so the work in the trade is there but it's the same as the UK, if you want to work then you will find it.


Perth always looks ok but I've had friends that haved more away from there as cos is too small and too laid back, I can't comment as never been there.


Hope this helps either way.....




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Guest mutikonka

Here's my quick guide to choosing which state to live in:


WA: Miners. Sunsets. Isolation.

SA: Churches. Droughts. Anglophiles.

Vic: Musicals. Strange football. Greeks.

NSW: House prices. Noodles. Road rage.

Tas: Loggers. Greenies. Fishing.

Qld. Theme Parks. Humidity. Hospital blunders.

NT: Flies. Rocks. Crocs.

ACT: Public servants.

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