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Positive Skills Assessment for Contracts Administrator?

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I wondered if anybody has received a positive skills assessment for contracts administrator? I really don't want to spend all of the money (and time) on a skills assessment if I don't stand a chance and should be trying an alternative option!


My work history is working as a Paralegal within contract law and I have a degree and postgraduate qualification in law. I am hoping to apply for state sponsorship in the NT and gain employment in a commercial contracts role.


My previous role duties and tasks match at least half of the description for the ANZSCO description for contracts admin. However there are seperate categories for legal executives and legal clerks.


I have read all of the information on the Vetassess website, but wanted an idea of just how strict they are. Particularly in what they deem 'highly relevant employment' as even after reading the key terms section it still leaves a lot to interpretation.


Any help would be much appreciated :-)

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hey mate

i applied with vetasses to get my occupation assesed as contract administrator and application got rejected. any tips as to what should i do . did your application got accepted? i guess the experience letter my agent drafted wasent right.

please help me if you can in anyway

i am running out of time .thx regards

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Hi, I'm sorry no I didn't apply in the end - I found sponsorship through a company so now I am 12 months into my 187 visa. Are you in Australia at the moment? If so have you approached your employer for sponsorship? I didn't need a skills assessment at all for the visa I'm on and I don't think it cost my employer anything other than the paperwork. Good luck!

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