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Impossible for an early years practitioner to emigrate to Oz?????

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I know most people are probably thinking who the hell does she think she is?! BUT I wanted to hopefully find out whether there are any childcare workers on here who have emigrated to australia recently? how difficult was the process of applying for a visa AND if so, what visas did you apply for? sorry for asking a million questions :eek: I'm thinking of applying for an employer sponsored visa (457 I think) once I've finished my degree and got a couple years more experience! Any advice will be greatly appreciated thankyou:cute:

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The GSM visa process is changing again in 1 Jul 2012 - there have been many changes over the last few years. No one will be able to predict for you how easy it will be in future - and IF Childcare workers will still be needed in Australia.


457 visa you will require a employer to sponsor you (not always easy to find employers to sponsor, especially when you are not in Australia), also 457 is a Temporary Residency visa, which may not lead to PR(only if your employer wishes to sponsor you). With the 457 visa if your lose or leave your job you have 28 days to find new sponsor or leave Australia.


Good Luck

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