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Guest jkirk

Which Health Insurer??

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Guest jkirk

My wife and I are both recipients of kidney transplants which are working well!!


We are considering coming from the UK to Melbourne within 18 months on my wife's 457 with our 2 children.


As we have pre-existing conditions and may need dialysis again in the future, it is important to get the right Health Insurance. After receiving some great info on PIO I spent most of today online researching different providers and sending emails for clarification. I was looking at the cheapest but best value for a family of four.


So here it is for anyone that is interested but particularly those that it is relevant o or for those that have other pre-exisiting conditions.


12 months waiting period for any pre-exisiting condition (those diagnosed within 6 months of application for the insurance)

Waiting period are usually no more than 12 months

Decide upon the excess you would pay before the insurance kicks in (just like car and house insurance in the UK) Ranges from $Zero, $250 and $500 - The higher the excess the lower the premium


Following several trial quotes:

I went on iSelect to do a comparison and they came out with Australian Unity.

Australian Unity (Thanks Cal2) Overseas Visitor $ 155 per calendar month online quote.

(Still waiting to see if they confirm that this covers Dialysis Edited: It does not - unlike the Life Choice Plan below)


Edited: NOW CONFIRMED AT $950 PER QUARTER which is higher - the same as iSelect


Australian Unity Life Choice Plan (excluding Extras and Obstetrics cover) $195 per calendar month


MediBank with a $300 excess will cover Dialysis under their Premium Cover Top 85 Plan but was around $500 per calendar month




Hope this is of some us and is relevant but by no means do I claim it to be advice or totally comprehensive !!


John :wink:


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