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new puppy- who do u recommend for pet insurance?

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i've posted this in poms in adelaide but then thought for pet insurance i can ask for recommendations from all over australia :)



yesterday we picked up our 8 week old fluffball, a long haired male german shepherd :) He is absolutely gorgeous :)


I've just been looking online at different pet insurance companies - currently looking at medibank pet insurance.... but thought i would ask on here to see if anyone had any recommendations for pet insurance?


never insured a pet before lol was expecting to pay about $40 a month which with medibank would give me accidental and illness cover but is it worth going for routine care cover too where u claim back on vaccinations etc?


any guidance would be fab thank you!

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I use pet insurance australia. I had a prompt refund on the one claim I have made. I have accident & illness only as the cost of routine cover seemed to be more than I would generally be able to claim back

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I've found it very difficult to find someone who does third party liability (in case my dog runs into the road and causes an accident). In the UK it was inclusive but here it mainly seems to be an extra - and normally not a cheap one either. Has anyone found a good inclusive insurer at all?

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