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Can anyone help me?

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Arrived from the UK 5 wks ago, back in england i was a Care Assistent working in a Residential home and also Nursing homes. I'm looking for the same kind of work over here but havent seen many advertised. Have seen jobs for EEN's , can anyone tell me what this position is and what and where i can look for the job I'm trained for? Or if there is a web site I can look for these kind of jobs? Can anyone tell me any the names of any big care companies over here?Thank you

skills test 10/08/10, passed 29/08/10, 176 skilled sponsored applied 06/09/10, email from DIAC 18/03/11, meds and police checks 06/04/11,all documentation met 17/6/11...visa granted 20/6/11 flying to Sydney 07/11/11 then moving up to QLD:biggrin:

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Guest guest36187

Look on seek.com. You are not qualified at the moment for EEN. Thatis a qualified nurse position.


Email all local homes with your resume. Be prepared to start on casual. Look at getting your NVQ3 as well. That's a big plus here.


Have emailed you by the way x

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