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Work Exp, RPL Project & Bachelor degree with insufficient ICT content. PR appl issue

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I had my Skills assessed by ACS and the assessment recognised my Bachelors of commerce as comparable to Aus Bachelors degree with insufficient ICT content and therefore doesnt meet requirements for a qualification as prescribed in PIM3.

ACS however recognised my Work Experience.


I am once again considering applying for skill assessment (261112 SYSTEMS ANALYST) and also filled the PASA Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) doco in which I have to submit Project reports.


My Qualification (Bachelors of Commerce ) and RPL and Work Exp (6 Yrs 2 Mths relevant skill) are now ready for Skills assessment..


I consulted this with a lawyer and his opinion is that the ACS may award a skill assessment but may knock off a couple of Yrs from my W.Exp setting off the ICT content. This will make me unable to apply for PR under subclass 175 as I may lose points for my W.Exp.


Is this correct.. Opinions pls..

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Guest OmerKorn

Hi peaceinoz,


I have very similar sitiuation as yours, as I have a 6 years of experience in ICT (networking) however my BA is in Economics.


I would like to know if the ACS will accept that and give me a "suitable" letter to give to DIAC or they will reject my papers.


can you share with me where have you reached so far in terms of ACS and DIAC acceptence?


thanks dear and have a great time.

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Guest jessiejames


you need rpl for assessment(261112 SYSTEMS ANALYST). it's not easy to write. but try your best

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