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Not a very happy 12 year old Daughter!!

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We've just come back to the UK after spending 2 weeks in Melbourne to validate our visa. We've got our house on the Market and after it is sold we will make the permanent move "down under".


However, Rachel (that's the 12 year old) is not very happy about it obviously.


Are there any 12/13 year olds out in Victoria whom will be willing to Facebook chat with her to tell her how great it is and the School Uniform is not that bad???


Thank you :biggrin:

Martin SS176 (Panel Beater/Vehicle Assessor), Claire, Rachel (13) & Emily (10).

Commenced Visa Application Oct 2008 - Visa Granted 20/09/2011 - Reccie 26/11/2011 - Arrived in Melbourne 26/10/2012

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Guest Guest31881

Have you tried posting on our Victoria sister site.




That is dedicated to the area you are interested in and you may find someone on there to help you. :wink:

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