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Statutory Declaration Information

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Hello out there,



Really would like some help please, thank-you to those that have already responded! :biggrin:


Regarding information on this form, I currently am struggling from the last company to give me a reference with the correct job title on it, even though this was my initial job title. I now have decided that since 'they' have been not so nice.. I won't use them as a reference.

So, I am assuming that a stat dec used instead - but not so sure what to put on there.


Second dilemma, is the company I worked for after that, due to the economic crises, I was let go - this is all good and well but they didn't give me any notification on this as they had only opened the office at that time. They said I wasn't due any notice.. again, am assuming a stat dec in place of this.


My current role, I will use again, yes a stat dec as I don't want them to contact my current employer either of my plans.


I also don't want them to think that I am trying to hide something as I am not.

Can anybody advise on this, both my previous managers had left my company and one of them lives overseas and I don't know if I can just get a reference from her, plus I don't want them contacting the employer since they have been so unhelpful in the first place .... :sad:


I know this a bit of a long one, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!


Thanking you


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Hey minxey


I have done 2 stat decs and you need to be very involved with them explaining every last detail in them


Dates employed , who with , job title , position held , list of daily duties , any additional works carried out , training both before you got the job ( your qualifications ) and any countinuation training , personel development , talk a bit about some typical tasks that you did so you can give a real life experience, who you worked with and in what relation . sallery , propmotions , pay rises .


The list is endless .


Basicly ats a life story of your time in the company and a long story at that .


If you pm me you email ill forward you my 2 stat decs to give u an idea .


One of mine is for my business ( obviously i dont have an employment reference as ive worked for myself for 10 years )


The second is my trade training and college ( i was in the army and they obviously dont give personal references out :-) )


Hope this helps , pm me :biggrin:



IELTS 08/10/11 8.5/8.5/7.5/9...8.5 O/A, VETASSESS 15/11/11,level 1 pass 19/12/11,practical 25/02/12, results 21/03/12, WA SS 04/04/2012,Approved 30/04/12,DIAC 18/05/2012, CO 28/05/12, PC's 30/05/12, meds 01/06/12 PCC 19/06/12 , VISA Granted 21/06/12......


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