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Hi all and firstly thanks for reading,


Currently after a lot of soul searching Ive realised that Im going to have to bite the bullet and get a degree if I want to move to Oz (Ithink?)


Im currently 21 and work for the government helping people back to work, an employment consultant. Im thinking that this can be derived as either being a welfare worker or recruitment consultant. Ive already been to oz on a WHV and loved it and want to move permanently to perth.


Ive done my current job for the last 18 months and only have 10 GCSE's which are all A-C. However iv recently been looking into doing a foundation degree part time for 3 years in FdA Business and Management, and then doing the 1 year top up course to turn this into BA (Hons) Leadership Business and Management.


I feel this could relate well to my current line of work and really interests me however, my question is that it says on the visa site that qualification wise you need a minimum of an bachelor degree...obviously this is an honours? Now I know I sound think but is this good enough education wise that they will accept?


Any help is brilliant, thank you for the brilliant forum guys


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Sorry i realise that sounded stupid above...so if i want to qualify as a welfare worker or a recruitment consultant, can i do a degree in business & management and it still count as 15 points to my 65? By the time i finish it I will also have 5 years experiance in this field, surely this is enough to get me out there???


Thanks guys

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Im sure recruitment consultants are on some of the state sponsor skills lists or at least they were previously. You may find a state that would sponsor you as a recruitment consultant and if its not WA, you may have to live in another state for 2 years which would be quicker than doing the degree. If you did the degree you need to check how much post grad experience you would need. Some jobs they want you to qualify then work for 2 yrs before you can apply which would be adding even more time on.


Hope that helps.

Landed and loving it!

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