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doing a geographical

856 nomination. Is there a limit?

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I'm on a 457 visa and want to go for 856 visa. I havent done 2 years on a 457 yet, but have lodged my skills assessment recently (its pending). If my employer tries to get me nominated now, and for some reason I don't pass my skills assessment, the nomination will have expired by the time I have done 2 years on the 457.


So is there any limit to the amount of times I can be nominated for the 856 for the same employer?



TRA 2.12.2011/30.3.2012, IELTS 10.3.2012 8+s across the board, WA SS 4.4.2012/27.4.2012, PCs Jan 2012, Medical April 2012, Frontloaded 176 30.4.2012, CO 5.5.2012, Pre grant 10.5.2012, Validated 1st June!

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