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SA Required Funds and Finding Employment

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Its just a hypothetical question but its nice to know all of the options...


Obviously I have to have the required funds for SA on a 176 visa before I land but what if I was offered employment in Adelaide and had to go earlier? Would this make my visa void as you have to report to SA immigration within a couple of weeks of landing.


I was going to wait to apply for jobs once I got there but the urge to go earlier eats away at you.



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eh? Are you thinking they actually know how much money you have when you land? They don't. So you could (whisper) lie on your application form about how much money you plan to emigrate with but, shock horror, not actually have it when you go.


And if you are going earlier than you thought and therefore haven't had as long to raise as many funds as you thought you would, but its because you have a job to go to - then surely no-one would think that is an issue, they want you to have the money to support yourself when you get there - if you have a job, then that will be supporting you.


From all my research though, don't be too hurt if you aren't very successful before you actually land over there though - a hand in the bush and all that....

Moved on a 179 PR visa Feb 2012; Citizenship granted Jan 2016. Settled in Adelaide. Loving it and feel like everyday is paradise compared to life in the UK.

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