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The Pom Queen

Hobbies and Collectables

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I collect Military memorabilia from WW1 and WW2 mainly German Kriegsmarine awards and medals, have a nice collection of original SS daggers (8) which are becoming very expensive to buy my last dagger cost me £450 :eek: but it was worth it.

Drinking rum before 11am does not make you an alcoholic, it makes you pirate..

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I collect empty whisky bottles:biggrin:,nah,i dont really like clutter,minimalist me:wubclub:


Dont "collect" anything tbh,cba truth be known,but what things are important?,my "collection" of important things i "have" to take to Aus(if we get there!):wideeyed:

Bits and bobs from when me nan and grandad were alive,like a 5 pound coin they got me,a ten bob piece with cellotape round it(dont ask me why!:goofy:),photos of me mam.


Nearest i come to collecting anything would be Lpool football club stuff,things from Istanbul and Athens finals,LOT of stuff about Bill Shankly:notworthy:,i have to watch that on my own tho,i still get upset to this day when i watch him or listen to him speak:embarrassed:,so yes Kate,in a way,i do collect Shankly and Lpool stuff


Just a short vid,might explain why we loved him so much,from a mining family in Ayrshire,tea total,socialist with a great work ethic,truly loved Lpool and its people,the local kids used to knock on his door on sunday afternoon, and when Nessie would answer they'd say "Is mr shankly coming fer a game of footy mrs Shankly?" and he did!


Listening to a fellah on LFC tv the other nite,he was one of those kids who used to play footy with Bill,he said "he wouldnt let yer beat him tho,if yer did he'd kick yer next time",thats Shanks:laugh:




"The problem with neo conservative capitalism and it's insatiable greed for more wealth and disparity amongst the populace,is that it ended up being the catalyst for the great depression and modern recession"



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does anyone or did anyone watch Four Rooms on channel 4? That was about selling antique or unusual stuff, or even home made stuff. Really interesting!

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I collect china trios [cup saucer & plate] has to be at least70 years old. have a few from the 1700's

"640K ought to be enough for anybody." Bill Gates 1981

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