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Childcare cost increases

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Costs of child care are set to rise now due to the centres having to employ more staff and reduce no of children looked after.


I am not affected by this but when I was my children's welfare was foremost in my mind and I think that if childcare comes cheap, then staff also has to be cheap and do I want the most inexperienced people to be looking after the most precious people in the family.


I know people have to work, or have to work to have the trappings of modern society, but I guess it comes down to the fact that as with everything, it has to be paid for.


Also I believe child care workers are wonderful people and they deserve to have small ratios and more money for the job they do. They also are working for the modern trappings of life and their families.


Will you be affected by an increase?


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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Yes, our daughters fees are going up by $5 per day, which means a $15 increase per week for us. We don't get the rebate thing. The childcare centre already put the fees up by $3 per session back in August (I think it was). However, as you say, our daughter is in a good centre where I trust and like the staff, so I don't mind paying a little bit extra. We have applied for PR, so hopefully at some point we will get the rebate which will help a huge amount.

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