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Guest Joy Please

176 + residing in Australia = Front load medicals ?

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Guest Joy Please

Hi everyone,


Please let me have your views on my situation. I need some advice about front-end-loading medicals.



I am working in Australia on 457 visa. And I am about to apply for 176 (got NSW sponsorship). Can I front-end-load my medicals+PCC ?


This link appears to say I can -




Also, I am from a High Risk country. I am not sure if that has any bearing on the process - the link has nothing on that.



Do I just need to book a medical appointment with Medibank and put the booking reference number in 176 application ? And then wait for the CO go-ahead to proceed with the medicals ? That's what another pomsinoz discussion seems to be indicating -




A bit longish one - but I hope it would of use to others too.

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