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sunshine please

Is everyone organised with rabies shots and timescales?

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Hi everyone...


I dont think we have to make it to oz!! we will hopefully heading out in jan/feb but the new rabies rules it really is going to throw the spanner in the works. Our 2 dogs are getting their shots until next week but it's still going to be may before they will be able to have blood tests and quarantine free.


I was pricing quarantine for the 4 months and omg!! i think they would cope with the timescale but would we!! i dont know whether to board them here at half the costs or let them do quarantine!! hubby loves them but is starting to say its a lot of money when we dont know whats ahead of us!! i am already having to rehome my 2 10 year old babies!! they are going to a fab home (very good friend) where they will be treated the way i treat them. I am going to be breaking my heart over these 2 then have to put the little 2 through 5 mthd of kennels!! i dread leaving them here in kennels incase something happens and we aren't tjere!! arghhhhhh curse you oz govt!!!


Sorry for the rambling but i wondered how everyone else was fairing.



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Well I thought I was organised with my 'timescales' for our two cats, but the last 6 weeks have disappeared between getting house on market, getting house sold, handing in notice, getting meds, police checks etc etc the list goes on lol....so unfortunately the dates have slipped!!


We're now only getting their Rabies Vaccs on Friday (02 Dec 2011), so worked out they will be getting their RNATT testing on 03/04 Jan 2012 (New Year holidays threw the date a bit) - we want to minimise their time in quarantine, so it looks like the earliest they can travel is 01 June 2012, meaning being in quarantine until 01 July 2012!!


I know my OH wants to stay here a bit longer, but I had my heart set on going out in April/May, which would mean my babies in quarantine for way longer than I'd be happy with (no one we can even leave them with here for an extra month or so).


So needless to say, I'm getting their jabs, getting their RNATT test and then work out what on earth I'm going to do!!lol


Sorry not much help, but I know exactly what you're going through!!!



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Hi dundee....


These new restrictions really threw a spanner in the works for a lot of people :-(( it's still crazy that they still have to do 30 days quarantine even if they have passed all their bloods and had the 180 days in export country. Think the oz govt likes the money quarantine brings in!!


Best of luck with ur plans :-))

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