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exams and moveing

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hi poms in oz I have a 13 year old who is in yr 9 . HE will be in yr10 when we hoe to get our visa an that is when he will be studieing for his G,C,S.E . To sit them in yr11 as any bodie emigated at this time with there child and how did it work out please help

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Well as Aus is a foreign country with its own education system his 'exams' are going to be totally irrelevant to what he experiences in Australia.


He will be 14 when he arrives in Aus so he will be going into year 8/9/10 (sorry to be vague, all depends on the state and his birthday!) and so whichever it is he will still be in plenty of time to enrol in year 11 (they are usually 16 or about to turn 16 for year 11) which is the first year of a two year course resulting in a qualification which will get them into further education (or not)


Only reason to get hung up on GCSEs and A levels is if you are planning to return to UK for his education at any point in which case the best solution would be to leave him in UK to finish A levels and then move over when he can use his A level results for university entry.

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