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Guest Martyparty

Health Insurance! 457 Visa - Help Quick Please!

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Guest Martyparty

Hi guys,


Sorry if this has already been talked about lots of times but I got contacted by the company that is sponsoring my Visa asking for my health insurance certificate etc!


I havent got any yet and wondered is it a quick process?

Where is best to get it?

Anything else I need to know?!





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Guest mandajay

Hi Martyparty

Get on the Oz BUPA website.

You should be ok with standard option but have a look see what suits your needs.

Then download the form and send it off....easy peasy.

Plus you pay for the first months premium and then you dont start paying monthly until you actually arrive in OZ.

Once you have sent the forms and first payment they will send you a cover letter/schedule which is enough for your 457.

Hope this helps

Mand x

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