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475 or 856

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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if you can help me. My husband has his first skype ineterview next week (nothing may come of it but you never know!). We were just wondering if its expected that we will want a 457 visa from the employer or can we ask for a 856? I am just worried that if we go for the 457 we may move our young family to oz and then not get perm residency as his job might not be on the SOL list in two years or he loses his job etc. We also dont want to put the employer off by asking for too much.


I would appreciate any advice. Thanks

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Guest Jubeeslanz



I am applying for the 457 and would like the 856 but my immigration lawyer has said that you have to have the 457 1st before you can apply for 856. You must have help the 457 for a minimum of 2 years. I dont think there is any visa that you can get if you are being sponsored that gives you PR straight away.


Hope this helps!!

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Thank you so much for answering. Good luck with your application. Fingers crossed we will be in your boat soon! It does worry me that we might settle in the two years but for some reason the 856 isn't granted. Did your lawyer say say most 856's are granted?

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